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This blog is all about my personal health and fitness journey. I am a qualified personal trainer and run my own Online Personal Training Business - GET ACTIVE ONLINE. I love helping others reach their goals and just feel better about themselves! Last year I competed in the Sports Model Division at the INBA All Female Classic and had a great time and might just do it again! But more on that later.... for now I just love rambling on about the daily adventures of Life!!!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone in Blog Land!

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, just taking a bit of a break from blogging. I am planning to start a new challenge to kick start 2007! So until then I will be away (still checking everyone elses blogs though!) but will be back in full force late January!

Happy New Year, Love Hilds

Thursday, November 23, 2006

On a roll!

I'm having a great week. I seem to have all this energy this week and have managed to get in heaps of training and actually enjoying it all (well nearly all of it!). I'm also finding my eating is a breeze this week, I just wish every week was like this. I don't really know why I'm feeling like this, maybe after being sick last week it just feels great to be healthy again. Have managed to get in two spin classes, a pump class, a couple of runs and have been up the hill powerwalking every afternoon, oh and weights twice! I seem to have my motivation back and I'm loving it.

Work is frustrating me at the moment as I'm on reserve this month, which means I cannot plan anything. I was suppose to go to the Gold Coast this weekend for an engagement party but it has turned out I'm on reserve all weekend so tied to the house. Oh well Cam will get to enjoy the five star resort all on his own! So since I can't go this weekend we have planned a night at Sea Temple Port Douglas on Monday night. This is to celebrate our 4 year anniversary plus Cam got a new job, so we will be cracking the bottle of Moet which has been sitting in the fridge for a while now! So I'm going to be a good girl all weekend so I can enjoy the pool, spa and moet on Monday night ( I can't wait!). Cheers Hilds

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Been Busy!

Sorry its been a while, have been a bit flat out! Had heaps of trips in a row so I could enjoy a few days off when our visitors arrived. I had my 14 year old nephew and also Cam's sister and her friend up for the last week. So as you do I have been out and about doing all the touristy things. Its good to have visitors every now and then as it makes you get out and enjoy all the local things you should do more often. We all went out to Green Island snorkeling for the day, which was great, although a bit too much sun for everyone. Another day was spent at the Bungy site (I didn't brave a jump although walked to the top and watched Alice jump off!) I think I might actually do one soon, never had the inclination before although it was very exciting up the top. Also took my nephew to the mountain bike track, which he rode around and I jogged, thought I was a little lost for a while but managed to find my way out! So along with a few more outings and a quick trip to Brissie for me it was a pretty busy week. Topped of by a big night out on the town for my good friends 30th Birthday. So Saturday was spent feeling very sorry for myself, yes I was extremely hungover! Followed by a trip to Japan on Sunday when I still felt extremely tired and very run down, and now to top it all off I managed to get a cold (always happens when I don't look after myself!). So have had to take a few days off training which is killing me but unfortunately the only way I will get over this cold. Tomorrow I am going to go for a powerwalk and start to ease back into my training. Its sooo frustrating as my training has been going really well. Have actually joined a gym and started going to spin and body pump each week. Still struggling a fair bit to get my nutrition spot on, seem to be great one week and then constantly struggling the next. I just keep plodding along trying to do the best I can, it is definitely much easier with no visitors to look after. So the goal is at the moment to just take each day as it comes and focus on clean eating and keep the training interesting! Definitely feeling much better than when I first got back from holidays, so will keep up the hard work and continue to get inspiration from all the other bloggers out there. Will update again soon. Luv Hilds

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Week 3 down!

Another week down. Spent the most of last week in Bali, I managed to get some time in the sun and stock up on all my Bali goodies. We will stop flying there soon so had to make the most of my time there. Managed to have a great week of training and nutrition although was a bit disappointed with my weigh in and measurements Monday morning. I shouldn't have really checked my weight as I had missed a nights sleep flying home from Bali plus I had my free meal Sunday night so felt pretty average on Monday morning only to have to get ready to fly to Japan. In three weeks my weight really hasn't moved much although I know that changes are happening and I just have to be patient, but it is so hard when you put in so much effort and all you want to see is a bit of a drop in the scale! Anyway I flew over to Osaka yesterday and struggled all day, I was sooooo tired and struggled to make it through the day. It wasn't my best nutrition day but I managed not to let it get out of control. I managed to do some stair climbing today and went for a long powerwalk, so feeling human again. Have got a pretty busy week ahead, I fly home tonight have Thursday of and then of to Tokyo on Friday, back on Sunday and then my nephew arrives. He is 14 and hasn't been up to visit Cairns before, so I will be taking him diving out on the reef plus some other fun stuff so it should be a great week.

Anyway enough from me, should get some rest before flying throughout the night.
Have fun! Hilds

Monday, October 23, 2006

Week 2 down!

Well week two is over and it was a bit of a challenging one. I started back at work and flew to Tokyo last Thursday. I forgot how tired I get after night flights and how hard it is to control those sugar cravings. So the week got of to a good start although after getting home at 6am on Saturday morning and only having a couple hours sleep I felt very tired for the rest of the weekend! Still managed to get all of my training in although struggled with those sugar cravings and just felt hungry all weekend! Anyway didn't do too badly although it was reflected in my weekly weigh in (no change!!!!!). Well I can only hope for a better week this week, I'm trying to stay motivated and get my nutrition spot on this week! I'm off to Bali on Wednesday and get home on Sunday so have planned all my training and nutrition to fit in. Other than work all is going well, got back into my Cert 4 in Fitness study today and slowly getting through it. The weather is pretty average up here at the moment pouring with rain now, its seems like the wet season might be coming early (so glad I've got my treadmill). Bye for now Hilds

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It hurts to walk!

I'm still recovering from my leg session on Sunday. I think I must have overdone it just a little bit as I have been struggling to walk, sit (any movement really!). I've still managed to keep up my training although my usual Hill walk has been a lot harder than usual, actually managed a 5km run this arvo, it felt a bit strange at first but managed to get through it. I'm on to my second week now, managed to lose half a kilo last week, although was expecting a bit more considering what a great effort I put in with both training and nutrition (its hard work trying to get rid of all those studels and beers I had during my holidays!). I have to just keep telling myself to keep plodding along and the results with come! So anyway have been busy around the house the last couple of days. We managed to paint the last room in the house that had the original yellow walls and blue doors, its fantastic to see it finally go. I also got stuck into the garden today and well pretty much destroyed it, we have a few shrubs that just grow uncontrollable so I decided it was time to get rid of them. The garden is looking quite bare now and lots of rubbish to take to the dump tomorrow. So only one more day before I head back to work, its been great having five weeks off, I don't quite now how I'm going to cope working again!!!!! Anyway enough from me. Luv Hilds

Friday, October 13, 2006

Back on Track

Well its nearly the end of week one and so far so good. Although oh my god have I been sore this week. I started the week with Chest and Back weights and I'm only just getting over it!!!! I do love feeling sore though, it makes all the effort feel worth it. I'm currently following a nutrition plan with Sue, all is going well so far and it definitely helps me a lot being accountable to someone. I haven't deviated from my plan all week and am just deciding if I need a free meal this week. I think its going to take me a good few weeks before I feel back to normal its amazing how much blubber can creep back on after a few weeks holiday, oh well it has been great and I've enjoyed every minute of holidays. So anyway time for me to get motivated I've decided to paint the office and am going to get stuck into it. Chat soon Hilds

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Last few days before I hit it hard! Have returned from camping which was lovely although didn't get up to as much as we had planned. It was quite funny actually, I realised I had left my hiking shoes behind when we were setting up camp, after a few minutes of Cam paying me out we realised he left his behind too, plus the map and water bottles. So obviously we weren't meant to go hiking! So instead I got to read Fitness mags sitting in the sun next to the river, couldn't have asked for a better day. So tomorrow we head of to Adelaide to catch up with all the family, which I am very excited about! We get back on Sunday and I will be getting right back into hard training and strict nutrition. I have already got my motivational folder ready with my nutrition and training plans. I must say though that I have had a much needed break over my holidays and have managed to re motivate myself and am excited about getting toned, fit and healthy for the new year. I hope everyone else is going well with their health and fitness journeys!

Have fun, love Hilds

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Finally feeling back to normal! It has taken me a while since getting back from Austria to get my energy levels up again, but I think they're back. Have been loving my holidays though, have been catching up with friends for coffee and lots of lunches and also managed to fit in a workout each day. Haven't been doing my usual intensity but easing back into things and trying to enjoy a bit more of a relaxed routine before I hit it hard after next week. We are of camping today, its awesome weather so I'm really looking forward to it, we are planning on going of a 6 hour hike tomorrow so that's my workout covered! We are also heading of to Adelaide to visit all of the family on Thursday. Cam's and my family are all getting together for a big BBQ to celebrate our engagement so I am really looking forward to that. Anyway just a quick one today as I need to get the car packed so we can get going.
Hope everyone is going well!
Love Hilds

Monday, September 25, 2006

Just trying to add some images!

Jet Lagged!

We have finally made it home after what seemed like the longest flight ever! We got home yesterday after leaving Austria on Friday morning, it was soooo good to get home after sitting on aircraft and in airports for the last couple of days! Although it was all worth it as we had the most amazing holiday. It was everything I had hoped for plus more. We started in Germany where we visited a beautiful old town called Rothenburg, from there we headed to Munich for a bit of beer and pretzels (yes Selina I tried a pretzel and a few too many German Beers!). We were at the Oktoberfest for opening day, which was crazy to say the least. We managed to find an awesome outdoor tent to spend the day in and I managed to consume 3L of beer, I thought that was an exceptional effort considering I don't really drink much beer anymore. It was helped by consuming greasy chicken and pretzels which normally wouldn't be a good thing but it made me cope with all the alcohol better,next day we spent exploring Munich and went out to Dachau the concentration camp which was quite sad and a real eye opener. From Munich we headed to Austria, first stop was insbrook which is a beautiful town, I imagine it is even more spectacular in the ski season. Then we headed to Salzburg where we picked up our hire car. Cam was the dedicated driver as I wasn't quite brave enough to face the autobahn driving a manual on the wrong side of the road. Cam did an awesome effort and stopped looking terrified after about an hour of so. We got to explore the Salzgamergut region which is spectacular and I also got to find the little village that my Dad is from so it was a very special trip. After a few days exploring we flew to London and got to catch up with some friends for some more beers before flying out. So as you can imagine I am feeling a little bit tired and a bit larger than when I left, but in saying that it was all worth it. So anyway today was the day to stop eating strudel and drinking beer and I am back on track! I started of with a power walk up my favourite hill this morning and will hit the weights tomorrow. So anyway that's my little bit of excitement, will try and attach some pics. (sorry about the spelling and grammer can't seem to insert text!)
Have fun! Luv Hilds

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Nearly Holiday time!!!!

Only one week to go and I'll be heading over to Germany! I can't wait it is going to be so exciting I will finally get to see Austria and see where all the relies come from. So today and tomorrow are my last days at home before we fly out so I am madly trying to get organised, its funny how you always seem to leave everything until the last minute. I'm just hoping that we can get on the flights as everything is very busy at the moment and we are on standby. The goal is to be in Munich for the opening of the Oktoberfest. Not sure how I'm going to handle all of those sausages and beer (I'll be doing some hard core training when I get back!). I'm taking my hiking shoes so hopefully we will do lots of exploring while we are away and help work of some of those extra calories I will be consuming!!!!!! Other than holiday organising I have been pretty busy, we have had visitors for the last couple of weeks and I have also been going on lots of trips to Japan!!!! Only one more Japan trip to go and then 5 glorious weeks off, we are actually only going to be away for about 12 nights now, so I am looking forward to lots of walks, relaxing on the beach and catching up with friends during the rest of my holidays. We might even head to Adelaide for a few days as the families all want to catch up and celebrate our engagement. So that's it from me, hopefully next time I post it will be with lots of pics from our travels (as long as we get there that is!).
Hope everyone is well.
Luv Hilds

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Oh my god what a week, I'm still recovering and its wednesday!!!!! After having the most amazing Birthday we had a party on the weekend for my Birthday (and also to celebrate getting engaged). The party was a costume party "Dirty Thirties". It was heaps of fun and everyone got right into the theme and there were quite a few funny sights at the party! I had a fabulous night until I drank way too many shots (not a good idea when you don't drink much anymore!). So I ended up going to bed way too early and way too drunk and it has taken me a good few days to get over it. I so don't miss the hungover feeling and wasting a whole day feeling seedy, but oh well it needed to be done. So anyway will try and post a couple of pics of the party. Hopefully my next update will be reporting all my good eating and training!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wow what a day I had yesterday! It was my 30th Birthday and I also got engaged! It was the most amazing day ever. As you know I had been looking forward to my 30th for a long time now. Well it finally happened yesterday and I couldn't have had a more perfect birthday. Cam and I went down to the beach in the morning to have a coffee and open my pressies. At the end of opening all my pressies I got a small little box from Cam which was the most perfect engagement ring! So anyway the rest of the day is a bit of a blur, it all seemed to go so fast. We had a beautiful lunch with friends and went out to a show that night and spent the rest of the day chatting to friends and family on the phone with a few drinks in between. I've still got sore cheeks from smiling so much (in between crying, good crying of course!). Well anyway just a quick update as I have heaps to do today, none of which I want to do as I'm still too excited! But we have an exam tomorrow morning and need to do some serious study plus get organized for my Birthday Party on the weekend, which will now be a bit of an engagement party too, I cant wait!

Will try and post some pics, might not work coz some were taken on my phone anyway will give it a try!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Feeling a bit run down!!!

Not feeling too flash at the moment. It's amazing how it all catches up with you. I've been so flat out the last couple of months, trying to fit in all my own training, training friends, adjusting to changes at work, studying and still trying to fit in a social life that I have ended up with a cold!!!! I absolutely hate being sick, as I get soooo bored just relaxing waiting to get better (I'm not very good at doing nothing!). So today I had to call in sick for my Japan trip as I just couldn't imagine being on the aircraft all day as I only got back from Japan yesterday and I pretty much felt like death the whole trip so I didn't think another one would do me any good! So here I am just hanging about home hoping I will feel better very soon. I'm hanging to get back into my training as I've had two days of now and I'm actually looking forward to my next weights session (sick isn't it!). It's only two weeks until my birthday which I'm so looking forward to, I'm having a Dirty Thirties party which should be heaps of fun!!! Also trying to plan our trip to Europe at the moment which is only a few weeks away. We are going to start of in Munich with the Oktoberfest, I might need to practice my beer drinking skills as it has been a while, I can't quite imagine drinking a whole litre of beer in one go (but I'll give it my best shot). After Munich we are heading to Austria, this is what I have been hanging out to do as this is where my Dad is from, so we will spend a few days there and hopefully catch up with some rellies. From Austria its through Switzerland and on to Paris! I can't wait!!!!!!! So after eating and drinking my way around Europe I might be in contact with Sue for another program!!!! Anyway hope everyone is going well.
Luv Hilds

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wow how time flies!

Wow can't believe how quickly the weeks go. I just checked out my last blog and it was a few weeks ago (sorry a bit slack on the blogging!). Anyway other than being a slack blogger I have been flat out training, studying and working and haven't seemed to have much free time at all! Have started my cert 4 in fitness and really enjoying it at the moment, I'm finding the topics fascinating and pretty easy to get through as I am so interested in it. It also helps that my boyfriend Cam is doing the course at the same time so we kinda push each other to get assignments done pretty quickly. I have been pretty consistent with my training and I'm really noticing some good muscle growth, I'm actually feeling really sore today as I did Chest and Back yesterday, I hate to think what I'm going to feel like tomorrow especially after I do my killer leg workout. My food has been ok, actually starting to notice a bit of a pickup in my metabolism as I seem to be able to tolerate a few more foods that I couldn't handle before. So overall things are going pretty good here, finally finding a nice balance with my training and nutrition and not stressing so much about reaching a certain weight or size and just feeling a lot more comfortable with the results I am getting and am really enjoying my training (well most of the time!). So that's it with me, off to Japan again tomorrow, then 4 more Japan trips in the next three weeks and then a whole glorious week of for my Birthday, I can't wait! Bye for now Hilds

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Why do we do it!

Well I've had a great week, still feeling the soreness from a full on week of training and a pretty good week of Nutrition, but then...... Along comes Friday night, all is going well until my boyfriend comes home with Pizza and Tim Tams (my favorite!!!!). Normally I could say no but since I had been so good all week and hadn't had or planned to have a free meal I thought I deserved some. So after 2 slices of pizza and way too many tim tams I was left feeling very average. I'm still so confused as to why we do it to ourselves as it really didn't taste that good! Anyway after feeling guilty all day today, I'm over it but still a little confused as why we can put in so much effort in to training (getting up at ridiculous hours and pushing ourselves so hard) only to blow it all with a pure tastebud pleaser! Maybe one day I'll work it out but until then I'll just keep plodding away day by day doing the best I can!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Having a great week!

Well its nearly the end of the week and all is going well so far! Have had a great week of training, although my legs (especially my calves) have been sore all week. Don't know if doing all of those stairs is a good thing as it seems to take me forever to recover from it. Have managed to fit in a couple of training sessions with some friends which has made it more interesting, also did a card boxing session with my partner Cam which was a lot of fun! Other than training have been busy with work and setting up our gym downstairs. We have bought some new equipment and painted the gym, its looking great! I can't wait to actually get the new equipment though, we will have a leg press which I'm hanging to use. Also enrolled in our cert 4 PT course, we should get our books next week, can't wait to start. Well anyway all is going well here just feeling quite tired from getting up early to do my training, just wish there was more hours in the day as I don't really like this getting up early thing, oh well can't have everything! Hope everyone is going well! Cheers Hilds

Monday, July 03, 2006

I've been slack!

Well thought it was about time I posted again, I've been putting it of as I haven't exactly been the best lately. I've been trying, but only managing to stay on track while I'm away and seem to be letting any small distraction get me off track. We have had visitors for the last 3 weeks so we have been going away and out to dinner lots so I haven't exactly managed to reach a lot of my goals. As always my training has been good but my Nutrition has left a lot to be desired. But after a bit of a reminder from Hilary and the confirmation of my holidays I'm ready to get back into that disciplined mode. Its amazing how much mental strength is required when you are trying to make serious changes. You can have all of the knowledge and equipment needed but without the right mind set you just don't seem to get anywhere! So here I go again, I'm going to try and blog frequently as I find it helps to keep in contact with others trying to achieve similar things to yourself. So I have 6 weeks until my Birthday and a total of 11 weeks until we head off to Europe, so I know I can achieve my goals in this time " NO EXCUSES!" I've been of to a great start today, I'm in Osaka and staying at the hotel with 57floors, so I got up this morning and climbed everyone of them. I'm sure I will be sore tomorrow as last time I did this it took nearly a week for my calves to feel normal again (I did lots more stretching this time). Nutrition is also going well, but my biggest challenge is making it through the night flight without picking, I just keep telling myself I did it before with my last challenge, all I have to do is the same thing.

I think my holiday planning will keep me focused, I'm about to check out flights and do a rough plan of where we might go (very exciting). Anyway enough from me for one day! Bye

Friday, June 16, 2006

Can't wait for the weekend!

Well its finally Friday and I am really looking forward to the weekend. This week has been a busy one as I flew to Japan Monday back on Wednesday, and then of again to Japan on Thursday and home tomorrow morning and then four lovely days off! I've had a pretty good week, have managed to fit all of my training in and have a pretty clean week of eating (its always much easier during the week!). Today I did some stair climbing as the hotel we stay at has 57 floors, so I managed to climb from my floor (41st) to the bottom and back up again and then did 30mins powerwalk, I think my calves might be a little sore tomorrow. I've had a lovely day of shopping in Japan and managed to pick up some great hiking shoes, which I'm hanging to test out. Hopefully if the weather is good on the weekend we might be able to get away for a nights camping. Anyway not much else from me, just trying to keep motivated and stay focused for the weekend as it has been my days off which have been letting me down lately. Anyway time for me to rest up before the flight home, yippeee always love going home!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm Back

Sorry have been a bit slack with my posting lately, have been pretty busy but mainly because I haven't been as good as I would have liked so I kinda avoid posting.
Have been putting in quite a good effort with my training and just starting a new weight routine (always get quite sore after a new workout!!!!, gotta love that feeling). Although as usual my nutrition has let me down a bit, far too many social outings where I have been over indulging, the usual story really good all week and let it all go on my days off. I suppose one good thing is I'm maintaining my weight although not losing like I would like to. I've got my 30th coming up in 8 weeks and am planning on going to Paris so I suppose I need to really kick in to gear if I want to feel fantastic for my 30th. Anyway just a quick one just motivating myself to do weights so better get going.
Cheers Hilds

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another week nearly over!

I can't believe how time flies when you have days off, it never seems to go that quickly when your at work! Have been really busy this week, doing all the stuff I don't get to do when I'm away. Doing a last minute house clean tonight so I can go camping with some friends tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to getting away as the weather has been fantastic and it will be sooo nice to just sit around and relax for a while. Have got to get up early to do my training in the morning so I can enjoy a day of on Saturday. I have had a great week of training although as usual my Nutrition has just been ok. Have managed to stick to plan most of the time although have found I keep missing a meal due to being busy and then end up ravenous at night, anyway just doing the best I can. I just find after being so focused for 12 weeks I just don't seem to have the same dedication this time round. Anyway seeing improvements in my training so will keep trying to get better week by week! One thing that is keeping me motivated is a couple of close friends have also entered the Body Blitz Challenge and have come to me to help with their weight training. Its great to be around people who are so motivated and willing to work hard, neither of the girls have done weights before so it has been fantastic to introduce them to it! Anyway enough rambling from me tonight.

Chat soon Hilds

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wow what a week!

Well its been a pretty flatout week. I've been trying to get a chance to write a quick update but my computer decided to die on me and have felt a little lost without my laptop. I usually use my trips away as a chance to catch up on things but with no laptop it was a bit tricky. So anyway I need a new hard drive, not so good since I hadn't backed anything up and it had all my photos and everything on it. Oh well on a positive note I suppose I get to start a fresh when I get it back!

This week has been a little crazy I have been to Japan twice and just got back from Singapore this morning! Although I am a little tired I am looking forward to 6 lovely days at home (yippee!). I must say I love Singapore although I don't think the credit card did, it was my last Singapore as we wont be flying there anymore so I had to stock up on essentials (perfume and more perfume, as its really cheap in Singapore!). Anyway managed to get back into training last week, wasn't quite as intense as I would have liked it but managed only to miss one session which wasn't too bad. My nutrition plan was ok, although went a bit overboard with my free meal, enjoyed a couple too many beverages on Friday night. I went out with my partner and we had a fantastic night although I felt very average the next day, especially as I had only had a couple of hours sleep before heading out as I had just got back from Japan. I had expected to wake up feeling great on Sunday although was still suffering from lack of sleep and the thought of flying out again and felt quite average! I checked my weight and it hadn't moved, which I kind of expected considering I've been far from spot on. Anyway it got me a bit motivated to have an awesome week this week. I'm of to a good start so far, I got in a good run yesterday in Singapore and just finished my weight routine for today and will fit in a powerwalk tommorrow.

Anyway heaps to do now that i'm home, will write soon!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Back to work

I'm back at work after three weeks off. I must say its a bit of a struggle to get back into it after spending so much time at home. Anyway got called out to do a Japan trip so left yesterday and got into Nagoya last night, felt quite shattered after the flight but had a huge sleep and feel much better today. Managed to do a big powerwalk around Nagoya castle this morning which was lovely. Its amazing how quickly the weather changes in Japan, only a couple of months ago I was out walking in my ski jacket and gloves and this morning I had shorts and a singlet on! Anyway its nice to have a break from the intense cardio and weights as I tend to just do powerwalks on my Japan trips. Japan doesn't seem to be big gym users, there is a few scattered about but there not that common and even the hotels don't have them.
Overall I seem to be getting back on track and finding a nice routine. I was just reading my diary from my first 12 week challenge and noticed that I had big ups and downs and also struggled with the patience thing and getting my Nutrition on track. So I have decided to stop panicking and just keep plodding along, as long as I am staying on track things should fall in to place. One of my biggest goals for the next 12 weeks was to enjoy the journey, so I need to keep reminding myself (daily) of this!
Anyway just having an easy day today. I fly back home tonight and should be home in my own bed about 5am. Ive got Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders tommorrow so hopefully I get a few hours sleep when I get in so I can have a good workout. Anyway will post again soon as I will be sitting back in Nagoya on Wednesday night as I have back to back trips.
Hope everyone is going well and congratulations to Rae awesome effort!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Feeling Better

Well finally feeling better after a few days of rest. I'm glad as I was getting very bored lazing about, day time telly is quite depressing! Anyway managed to do some weights and a walk this arvo and felt sooo much better afterwards. So it looks like I should be able to get right back into the training, yipeee! I'm a little dissapointed with my Nutrition though, I just can't seem to stick to my plan as well as I should. I'm usually good all day and then start picking in the arvo, nothing really bad but just more than I should be having. Its frustrating when I can't seem to get on track as I put so much effort in with my training and then let myself down with my Nutrition. Anyway will just have to aim for a better day tommorrow and hopefully things will start to fall into place again. Hopefully my next update will be a good one!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Can't wait to start feeling good again!

Still feeling very average, have actually taken a couple of days off work which isn't like me at all! Anyway hoping if I rest up completley I'll be back into the training soon! Have been sticking to my Nutrition plan and already feeling much better for it, gotta love the healthy stuff!!!

Have added a couple of photos of myself and my partner Cam. We went Camping and did a bit of bushwalking on the weekend which was fantastic, although I'm sure that is why I have this cold!!!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Back into it!!!!

Well after a week off today is the day I have set to get back into my next 12 week challenge! Although have woken up this morning with a rotten cold, still attempted to do some cardio but soon realised it just wasn't going to happen and that I just need to rest up for a couple of days (bugger!). It is so annoying when your all motivated to get back into it and you can't. It is going to be hard to take it easy, especially since I have had a very indulgent week off and feeling pretty average for it. I must say I much prefer the feeling I get from eating well and training hard. Anyway enough whinging from me, at least I can eat well and hopefully feel better before I know it.

Selina thanks for you lovely comments, it was a fantastic day, I just can't wait to feel that good again!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Oh my god my legs are sore!

Wow did a new leg workout yesterday and I can barely walk today! It is a great feeling although can't stop whinging about how sore I am. Went for a powerwalk/Jog this morning and felt like I had bricks tied to my legs but got through it. Have managed to keep up a fair bit of training this week although not much running. As I really wanted to give myself a week off, so I felt like I have had a break before I emark on my next 12 week challenge. I've set out some new goals and will be starting on Monday the 15th and finishing just before my 3oth Birthday (something to keep me foccussed). Anyway better get motivated lots to do today, getting organised to go camping for a couple of days. I've been looking forward to this for ages, so I'm just hoping the rain stays away. Going to do a couple of bushwalks around the area so I hope my legs aren't soooo sore tommorrow!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Yippee, finally finished!!!!!

Well I've done it, I have finished my 12 week program. It's such a fantastic feeling to start and finish something!

Although I must say I do feel a little lost at the end of it all. I've got this week off work and am just trying to relax and enjoy it although am really looking forward to getting back into a set training and nutrition plan again. I tend to get off track far too easily when I am not following a plan and already feel like I'm slipping back into old habbits! I spent the weekend in Adelaide visiting my family and friends which was fantastic although I can't believe how cold it was (had far too many red wines to help cope with the cold!!!). I was very happy to get back to Cairns and the sunshine today!
Just trying to get motivated at the moment and get back on track so that all of my hard work doesn't go to waste. Have gotten straight back into training although my nutrition has left a lot to be desired!!!! Its amazing once you start having sweets again how you just crave more and more!

Hilary and Sue thanks for your comments (I can't believe you found my blog, was going to keep it quiet for a while!). Hilary I got motivated after I spoke to you and thought I would start a blog to help me get through my next challenge!

Well I've just figured out how to put photos up, so here are my final photos!

Anyway only a short one tonight, will post again soon and hopefully I'm back on track.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Getting through my last week!

Well I've made it on to my final week of my program. I'm struggling quite a bit at the moment to stay focussed as I have already finished my Body Blitz challenge last week but still had another two weeks of my IBO program to go. As I entered Body Blitz two weeks before I contact IBO to get a program, anyway counting down the days now. Trying to just get through each day although in my mind I kinda feel like I have finished and am ready for a week off. I suppose I have a full weeks holiday to look forward to at the end of this week so that should keep me a bit more focussed. I'm in Japan at the moment and head back home tonight, I managed to fit in a good powerwalk this morning as the weather was reallly nice here. After this trip I have two weeks off (I can't wait) and am planning to head to Adealaide to see the family for a few days and also head of camping. Which should all fit in nicely with the completion of my program as I am going to have a week off! Well that's the plan although I am sure I will still managed to fit a bit of training in. Anyway better get some rest before the long flight home!

Friday, April 28, 2006

My First Blog!

Well I have finally done it. I have started my own blog. I met with Hilary the other day who motivated me to start a blog so here it goes. Well I'm just at the end of my first 12 week challenge (it's taken me 12 weeks to get the courage to start my own blog!). Anyway only a short blog tonight will give you a full update on my challenge soon but my bed is calling me. I have a big training session tommorow before I head of to work and need some rest!