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This blog is all about my personal health and fitness journey. I am a qualified personal trainer and run my own Online Personal Training Business - GET ACTIVE ONLINE. I love helping others reach their goals and just feel better about themselves! Last year I competed in the Sports Model Division at the INBA All Female Classic and had a great time and might just do it again! But more on that later.... for now I just love rambling on about the daily adventures of Life!!!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I love Weddings!

I just love weddings, they are so much fun! We went to a friends wedding yesterday and it was so nice. Awesome setting, great day, good group of people, yummy food and lots to drink, what more can you ask for! It's so nice watching a couple on such a high, the bride and groom truly had an awesome day as they had the day just as they wanted it!

So today I'm feeling a bit bloated from all the food and drink but I'm sure after a few days I'll be back to normal. I did do a lot of grooving on the dance floor last night although don't think it would have come close to burning of even half the calories I consumed, oh well it was all worth it. Cam even got up and was doing some (funky), well not quite sure what moves but he was moving on the dance floor alright!

So I'm all packed up ready to fly up to Cairns in an hour or so. I'm actually looking forward to heading off on my work trip as its been a while now and it will be good to get back into the swing of things, although not looking forward to the cold down south. I know Canberra is always cold and so is Melbourne and I'm sure Adelaide will be too! It's a bugger coz I can't pack much stuff as it's a six day trip but I can never check a bag on, so I'm a bit limited on clothes to take. Especially since I need 5 sets of training gear and my sneakers plus a lot of my food (protein powder/oats/ tuna etc), it doesn't leave much room for clothes!

I'll get to catch up with the family in Adelaide and lots of friends in Cairns so I'm really looking forward to the next couple of weeks. In saying that the social eating and drinking is about to get cut in half. If I'm going to get on stage in 8 weeks I need to get my act together and start making some serious progress! I've started to change my training around and have been challenging myself a bit more. I managed a couple of soft sand beach runs this week and geez it was hard, but strangely love the buzz I get out of pushing myself. So if I can just stay on track with my nutrition I should be alright.

Anyway better get moving, need to have a cuppa with the lovely hubby before I head off for 2 weeks!

Hope everyone is well, love Hilds