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This blog is all about my personal health and fitness journey. I am a qualified personal trainer and run my own Online Personal Training Business - GET ACTIVE ONLINE. I love helping others reach their goals and just feel better about themselves! Last year I competed in the Sports Model Division at the INBA All Female Classic and had a great time and might just do it again! But more on that later.... for now I just love rambling on about the daily adventures of Life!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yeah it's Friday!!!!

I'm so glad it's Friday as this week just seems to be going forever!!!!! I've had some big ups and some big downs this week! I've been struggling a bit, too much time on my hands and a little bit lost as what to do!
At the moment I'm living in Mackay although hanging to get back to Cairns and all my friends! Don't get me wrong I've made some great friends here but it just isn't the same and I also want to get back into our house in Cairns and get our personal training studio set up. So this week with too much time to think I got a bit down! You'd think anyone would love lots of time to just do nothing, but for me that is torture, I'm so much happier when I have a goal and my life is flat out! Whereas at the moment I don't really have any set goals and just feel a little lost!
I'm also not feeling as great about myself as I would like to, still struggling a bit with the whole "eating normal" thing post comp. I've been trying to be too strict and end up just not staying on track at all! I've been trying to eat too little for the amount of training I do and I end up tired, grumpy and hanging for sweets. So I've kicked myself up the bum and I'm back to eating more, and I can't believe what a difference it makes, just today I haven't been thinking about food all day because I've actually eaten what I should! It's strange the things we do! I know that I should be eating more and then I would easily be able to maintain it and end up actually losing fat, whereas I've been trying to be so restictive thinking that if I can just be really good for a week or two I'll be feeling fantastic again! It's so not healthy and not good for the mind either. It's frustrating that comp can lead to so many issues with food. Because you feel so fantastic when you step on stage and all you remember is what you ate in the lead up so you are forever trying to feel like that again and end up screwing up your eating habits!
I'm not saying that I've put on heaps of weight or out of control with my eating but I definatley haven't found that nice balance with food yet! I'm trying to focus on building some muscle at the moment, which I know will require me eating enough food as starving myself and building muscle don't really go hand in hand. So I've switched my routine around a bit this week and focussing more on the weights and cutting back on my running. I've actually loved doing my weights this week and have been super sore. I'm still struggling to walk after my leg session on Wednesday followed by a 1 hour spin class on Thursday and I've only managed a powerwalk today instead of a run as I'm just too sore! Also just wondering if anyone out there takes creatine? Do you get bloated from it, or is that the old stuff? My hubby takes it and seems fine (well sort of, he, he) but I've always been a bit cautious, scared I'll puff up!
Anyway to snap me out of my low mood I'm heading to Adealaide on Sunday to catch up with my two sisters and Mum & Dad and then up to Cairns on Wednesday to see some friends and do a few flights for work!
So that's my exciting week, rather depressing really (sorry). Anyway better get my butt in the shower, hubby will be home soon and we are going out for some drinks!
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!
Love Hilds

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What you can do if you believe in yourself!

I just love my job! Especially when you get clients who believe enough in themselves to completley transform not only their physical appearance but their mindset! Above are a couple of pictures of a client of mine - Alexia, who just finsihed her 12 week program. Not only does Alexia look fantastic but she now loves doing weights and actually enjoys going for a run. I can't describe how good it is to help someone truly change the way they see themselves.

I sometimes think we all tend to underestimate the power of the mind and how much the way we think & see ourselves can affect what we will achieve in life! As most of you would know it's not some secret miracle diet or a fancy training plan but believing in yourself enough to truly believe you can change. I find the ones who succeed in changing their pysical appearance do so because they change the way the way they think first! If you keep telling yourself you can't change, you won't! Anyway I just wanted to say a "BIG WELL DONE" to Alexia, she has achieved what she never thought was possible, simply by changing the way she see's herself (& a lot of hard work!)
Anyway better keep going, lots to do today. While I'm home I try and get as much stuff done for Get Active Online as I can as when I'm flying I don't get a chance to do to much. At the moment I'm just in the progress of getting our website updated as we have lots of exciting stuff happening!
Have a great day! Love Hilds

Monday, October 20, 2008


That's how I'm feeling today, or maybe another word for it would be FAT! That's generally what happens after a weekend of eating crap! Yes a few treats turned into a whole weekend of treats, which doesn't really leave you feeling fantastic on Monday. You should have seen Cam & I last night, it was quite funny! After eating lots of yummy homemade Roasted Vegie Pizza, sounds kinda healthy but wasn't really, we could not sleep to save our lives. We went to bed about 10:30 knowing we had to get up at 5am to go to the gym, at 1:30am we were both still wide awake with super full bellies and feeling rather uncomfortable! It's amazing how much food affects you! It doesn't take more than a few days of crap food for me to actually want to eat well again. So I'm feeling sleepy, fat and very frustrated but moving forward and back onto the good food again. I went for a run before and got rained on but I wasn't letting a few rain drops stop me from trying to burn of at least half a slice of pizza (I've got a bit more running to do yet, he, he, he).

It's funny when I'm away I'm really good and not even tempted by a lot of treats but when I come home and the weekend hits it's always a struggle. It's because Cam & I have always used food as a way of relaxing and enjoying being home together, although always end up feeling worse for it afterwards. So this weekend we are going to try and slowly start to break the habit (yes, it's just a bad habit) and instead focus on doing things rather than eating!!!!!!
One thing I didn't do this morning is weigh myself, I'm still amazed at how many people have had a bad weekend, over indulged and still jump on the scale the next day, knowing full well that the number will have gone up and you will be holding a lot of extra fluid as well as a bit extra fat! I don't need a number to tell me I ate crap, I know I did & I also know what I need to do to feel good again, so why let a number ruin my day.
So anyway I'll keep you posted on how long it takes for me to feel back to "normal" again. I always say about three days but I'm curious to see how long it acutally takes.
Anyway better go do some work, enough procrastinating for one day!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I'm feeling better and of course my appetite is back and as such I had a few too many treats yesterday! I was just so happy I could eat again that I induldged in a few too many chocolate coated fruit and nuts (they're my favourite). I wasn't planning on having them but as usual when they are in the house I just couldn't resist them and once that packet is open I just can't stop, I did manage to put them away and make my hubby eat half just so I didn't feel as bad!

We are having friends over tonight for drinks and nibbles and I went out and bought everything ready for tonight, silly idea! As once it's all in the house it's just a little too tempting to have some especially since I hadn't been able to eat much all week.

After being on the couch for the last three days after having some energy back I went a little crazy! I went to the gym and had a great weight session plus did 20 mins on the treadclimber (couldn't quite manage running just yet). Then I met up with a friend for lunch and then hit the shops. Finally made it home about 4pm and then started a cleaning frenzy and couldn't stop until 10pm. It's amazing how much there is to do when you start, I cleaned the oven, windows, skirtings, started on the bathrooms and then it all got a bit hard and I had to go back to my Chocolate coated Nuts (he, he).

So the weekend is here, god I love the weekends and I'm about to hit the gym and work off a couple of these chocolate nuts. I wanted to go for a run outside but it's just way to windy down here at the beach and I don't think I would get very far running.

Anyway time to stop procrastinating better go as the gym isn't open for too much longer!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Another day on the couch!!!!!! I still haven't kicked this bug yet, I'm hanging to get back into training but even more so some variety in food. I've been living off muesli bars for the last 3 days, yeah I know not the most staple diet but its about the only thing that stays down and I can stomach at the moment. Hopefully I'll be back to normal tomorrow although I can't imagine I'll be up for a massive training session just yet!

On a positive note I'm in a good place after comp and have managed to stay within about 3kg of where I was on comp day. I'd still like to get down a couple more kilos as I wasn't super lean on comp day and should be able to maintain to close to where I was at. I've actually been avoiding the scales as I despise getting on them and letting a little number tell me how I should feel. So I've been just watching how the clothes fit and taking measurments and might only jump on the scale every couple of weeks. It hasn't been easy especially when I'm flying so I'm looking forward to get into some good eating & training routines while I'm home for the next couple of weeks. I keep thinking about wanting to compete next year although not quite sure if I have the right body for it! In the meantime I'll keep training hard, eating well and enjoying my health & fintess!

So between work and my Online Personal Training business I'm keeping really busy. I'm loving the online training and so inspired by so many of my clients who continue to make great changes. It's funny it seems the ones with the biggest obstacles seem to do the best, it's all about planning, prioritising and believing enough in yourself that you can change!

The new Womens Health & Fitness mag is out now and we have our very first ad in it! Oh how exciting!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy!

Love Hilds

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ok so I've been slack! Still reading everyones blogs but not much posting going on. Isn't it strange how you put of things that will only take you a few minutes but you just keep putting it off! That's me and blogging!!!!!
So I'm back! Mainly because I've been couch bound for the last couple of days and bored out of my head! I'm not very good at relaxing at the best of times and especially not when I'm forced to do it.
On Monday I finally got home after 2 weeks of flat out flying. I was in Melbourne for the last week just flying from Melbourne to Perth every day, massive days. My life consisted of trying to fit in a quick run in the morning, get ready for work, go to work, on the aircraft all day and then back to my hotel room about 9:30pm only to do it all again the next day. So for a week I didn't see the outside world, so as you can imagine I was just hanging to get home.
Oh nearly forgot I got to see the INBA show in Brissie a week ago. It turned out that I had a night in Brissie when the comp was on. So after getting up at 3am and flying all over the place I managed to get into Brissie, quick shower and caught a bus out to Chandler to catch the 2nd half of the show! It was awesome, I got to catch up with the beautiful Di, Gerard, Cheryl & her lovely family and Christie. I love the motivation you get from going to a comp but mostly I love catching up with the amazing people I've met through this sport. I also got to meet Tara, who looked just amazing and finally got to meet Liz who was madly helping out all of her clients!
So I got home Sunday arvo and had a few drinks with my hubby. It's so nice to get home and be able to chill out, as when I'm away I don't really drink and am quite good with my nutrition and training. Strangely it's when I'm home and have all the opportunity in the world that I tend to pick and veer off track! Anyway back to why I'm couch bound, I seemed to pick up some kind of bug and was vomitting all monday night and not very good yesterday and slowly getting better today (I can finally eat again!). The good thing is I got in a great weight session on Monday before the bug hit. I trained with my hubby and I'm soooo sore, so kinda nice to have a couple of days off, althought already hanging to go for a big run!
So I'm home for a couple of weeks and looking forward to lots of time in the gym, sun and just enjoying life!