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This blog is all about my personal health and fitness journey. I am a qualified personal trainer and run my own Online Personal Training Business - GET ACTIVE ONLINE. I love helping others reach their goals and just feel better about themselves! Last year I competed in the Sports Model Division at the INBA All Female Classic and had a great time and might just do it again! But more on that later.... for now I just love rambling on about the daily adventures of Life!!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Been a while.....

Finally back home for a couple of days. I've been away for the last week on a Sydney/Manila trip so its good to be home.

Have had a good week, managed to clean up my nutrition a bit and get all my training done. Although my knee has been playing up a bit so I have had to find alternatives to running and have been mixing it up with the bike, cross trainer and stepper. I struggled a bit at the start of the week as I did my weekly check in with IBO and in 4 weeks I've had absolutely no change in the scale. I know that this is due to many things but its still a little disheartening, but anyway had to kick myself up the butt and get over it and keep moving forwards. I know I have made progress as I'm feeling heaps better, I've just gotta get over that little number on the scale.

Anyway all that aside I'm looking forward to a great week this week. I won't be away as much so it should be a bit easier. I'm working on the wedding invites tomorrow as I decided to do them myself. I've bought all this beautiful paper and designed the invite, its kinda like a holiday ticket (appropriate as its in Thailand!), so want to get them all done tomorrow so I can get them in the post, its all very exciting.

Loving being home this weekend, got home yesterday and went out on a date with Cam. We went to a comedy show which was great and had an awesome night. So its out for coffee now and then its time to get the house sorted after me destroying it yesterday with all my bags. Poor Cam has it all tidy when I get home and it only takes me five minutes to turn it upside down.

Anyway better fly got friends waiting!

Have a great weekend!

P.S Have you seen my big head in the latest Women's Health and Fitness Mag - very exciting!!!! (thanks Sue!)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sticky Date Cake!!!!!

Yes I had some of that last night and oh my god was it rich! I had my first free meal in 4 weeks last night. Being Valentines day and all we treated ourselves to a nice massage and a lovely dinner at home. We had quite a healthy dinner (Salmon Steak, sweet potato mash and salad, my favourite!) but I treated myself to a crunchy white bread roll and butter with dinner, yummy! We even had dessert afterwards, my favourite Sticky date, although I must say I might be losing my sweet tooth! The cake was so sickly rich I thought I was going to be ill, normally I would have just wanted more sweets but not last night. I think I might actually be making some progress, normally sweets would send me into a full sweet binge but last night I was just waiting for my heart to stop jumping out of my chest so I could go to bed. I even had 2 vodkas, its funny when you haven't drank for a while as it hits you so much quicker, I'm quite the cadbury now. After two drinks I was happy to stop and go back to my water, all sounds a bit sad doesn't' it!

Anyway it was a lovely night and I got straight back into it all this morning. Hit the treadmill for my 50min steady state session. I was a bit slow starting of, I think a combination of tired legs from RPM and interval training yesterday and also all the crap I had eaten last night. Anyway after the first 15minutes I was into it and it went pretty quickly and cardio is done for the day. Have got Chest and Biceps tonight and if I have any energy after that might squeeze in a powerwalk. Anyway time to get motivated for the day.

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day! Hilds

Monday, February 12, 2007

Another week down

So another week is over! Overall it was a good week, I completed all my planned training and even managed to add in another RPM class. I actually dragged my partner Cam along as he has never been to a group fitness class before. He hated me all week for booking him in but after the class he absolutley loved it and is ready to go back for more this week (he he, I've got him hooked now!) So as usual training was great, managed to increase my weights a fair bit this week, which was a nice suprise. Training never seems to be a problem other than the usual mind games before a hard training session (already dreading my leg workout tommorrow, but know I will do it anyway!).

Whereas my nutrition is always more of a struggle, I think I just love food to much! Anyway was pretty good all week slipped in 2 x skinny cappaccinnos (becoming a habbit I might have to kick) but didn't really eat of plan. Haven't had a free meal yet or any drinks but actually starting to crave a little treat now. My main problem with my eating is that my portions start to grow in size and I tend to pick in the arvos when I am craving sweets (nothing really bad maybe a bit more protein or cottage cheese but it all adds up). So this week that is going to stop and back to strict portion control (sounds nasty!). Anyway have set aside Valentines day for my free meal. We have planned a couple of massages for us both Wednesday arvo followed by a relatively healthy but free meal and maybe even a couple of glasses of wine. So knowing I have a little treat ahead should keep me motivated this week!

I had to do my weekly checkin yesterday as I was flying out to Japan. So I jumped on the scales to discover I had put on .5kg (I really really really hate scales). So I was really dissapointed with that but kept telling myself that it was only a little number and not to let it get you down. I still find it so frustrating that you can allow a number on a scale effect your mood. So following the horrrific scale incident I decided to get my partner to check my Body fat and measurements. Overall I have lost about 2cm from most places and also dropped about 4% Body fat and I am feeling much better. So as hard as it is I'm ignoring those scales this week and just getting on with it!!!!!

So on to another exciting week! Spending the day in Japan today just waiting for the gym to open as usual. Then I will hit the treadmill for a good hard cardio session followed by abs. Might spend the rest of the day doing a bit of study, time to get stuck in to this next module and then hopefully a little nana nap before the long flight home. Have got my leg workout tommorrow followed by a relaxing stint at the hairdressers. I love getting my hair done as it is one time I can just sit and do nothing for a while and not feel even a little bit bad about it. Anyway enough from me hope everyone else is having a great start to the week. Luv Hilds

Thursday, February 08, 2007


As you can tell I am just a little bit happy!!! For the last week I have been a grumpy bum waiting for my exam results to come back, as I walked out of the exam feeling less than confident. I was so frustrated as I studied quite hard for it (and I don't like studying) and the thought of having to resit was not a pleasant option. So anyway for the last week I have been putting of starting my next module as I didn't want to get into it and have to re-study all the stuff for my last exam. So with my lack of patience I rang Fitnation just querying the resit procedures and if by any chance they had my exam results yet... she had them and said that I had blitzed it (I thought she must have had the wrong person). Anyway it turns out as it is quite a hard exam the pass mark was only 70%, not 80% like I thought, so I got 81%, not quite blitzed it but I'm extremely happy that I don't have to do it again, so yesterday I was one happy camper (i think Cam was even happier don't think he even wanted to think about the possibility of a re-sit, for his sake!)

So now its on to the next module where I have to do my gym placement, I'm really enjoying it all actually as it is what I am so interested in. Bit worried about the gym placement as I do most of my training at home. I am a member of a gym, just to do the occasional spin and pump class though so I might approach them and see if I can do it there.

Did Chest and Biceps yesterday and surprisingly I managed to up my weights on quite a few exercises which I wasn't expecting as I was a bit tired after flying all night, must be all the glutamine and driven I have been taking!!!! Nutrition has been going great, much easier this week without all those insane cravings, I even managed to avoid picking on my night flight and just drank green tea (bit of a breakthrough). The only problem was once I got home and crawled in to bed at 6am I was a bit hungry and could only sleep for a couple of hours. Oh well I'm sure I'll get the right mix one day. Have done all my training for today, got up early for my interval training, followed by some yummy oats and then off to the gym to do a spin class. I even jumped on the cross trainer for an extra 20minutes afterwards, so I'm feeling a bit shattered now!

So overall the week is going well, they're even saying the rain might stop tomorrow (another big Whoo hoooo) might actually be able to go for a walk outside, how lovely that will be.

Bye for now Hilds

Monday, February 05, 2007

Escaping the rain!!!!!!

Well I've managed to get away from the never ending rain in Cairns for a couple of days!!! I just got into Japan where it is nice and cold but no rain in sight. It has been horrible in Cairns for the last week, never ending rain. I can't even remember the last time I went for a run outside, the treadmill is definitely getting a work out! I'm even weakening to the idea of getting a dryer, we have managed without one this long and I know as soon as we get one we will use it all the time, especially Cam I can't imagine him every hanging the clothes out again!! Anyway I'll see what its like when I get home and I might have to lash out and get one.

So another week is over and overall it was ok, wouldn't say perfect but managed to get through it ok. I lost another .4kg which is always good. It still amazes me how easily the weight comes on but what an effort it takes to get it off again. I'm really enjoying all of my training though, well except this morning was kinda dreading my leg workout as my legs were still a bit sore from all my stairs the other day(Selina I just did 60 floors and it took about 35mins), but once I got started there was no stopping me. Not sure how I'll pull up tomorrow but just got to get a run in and then will take it easy! My nutrition last week was ok but slipped in two skinny cappuccinos (yes Di I weakened, but they did taste great!). Didn't have a free meal last week, so haven't eaten off plan or had any alcohol in two weeks and for some strange reason I'm not really craving it. If I do get cravings it is for something boring like more oats and cottage cheese (mmmmm could eat that for every meal!) So now that my insane hormonal cravings have disappeared I'm aiming for a cleaner nutrition week this week and possibly adding in some extra power walks (if it ever stops bloody raining, gets a bit boring on the treadmill). So that's it for now feeling a bit tired after the flight, might even sleep in since the gym doesn't open until ten. Thanks for every ones comments and dropping by my blog. Cheers Hilds

Friday, February 02, 2007

Lots of stairs today!

Well guess what I'm in Japan again, just for something different!!!! Flew over yesterday, it was a loooong day as we didn't have many passengers and as such the day just seemed to drag on. As nice as it is to have a quiet flight every now and again, it makes the day just go forever (Kelly, by the way I'm an international flight attendant, hence why I am constantly on planes!). So yesterday was a bit of a struggle as I felt extremely drained as it was that lovely time of month arriving just a bit early. Anyway managed to get my training out of the way nice and early, had to double up and did both weights and interval training before I flew out. Its always a struggle mentally when I have to do two sessions consecutively but I always find once I get started there is no stopping me.

My training has been going good this week so far on track have just got 1 weight session and 1-2 powerwalks and I'm all done for another week. Have stuggled a bit more with nutriton this week which is pretty typical for this time of the month, my appetite seriously doubles but have managed not to let it get out of control. Some of my portions most probably have been a bit over and I have been having meal 6 a couple more times this week and even treated myself to a skinny cappacinno (first coffee in two weeks!). Which isn't too bad since I'm not having a free meal this week as I don't really need one and haven't been spot on so don't really deserve one either. Haven't had a drop of alcohol either, don't really want one either, might treat myself on valentines day to 2 glasses of wine. So still aiming to get those portions spot on, sometime I just wish I had more of a routine as I'm sure it would be a lot easier. So tonight is another challenge, surviving the long boring night flight home! I always struggle on night flights as we have a few hours where we don't have much to do and its amazing how much your mind tells you that you really really need that chocolate bar at 2am and there is no shortage of chocolate around. I can normally avoid chocolate but still struggle but tonight I AM going to only have green tea after my late dinner..... Will let you know how I go (kinda keeps me accountable then!).
So today for cardio I did the hotel stairs, all 60 floors, hope those calves aren't too sore tommorrow. Just veging out now until we fly out tonight, have tried to fix my blogger template since everyone else has these amazing new ones, but obviously mine is supposed to stay the same for a little longer as I really can't figure out how to make it really individual like some of the others I have seen. Anyway back to playing on the internet, studying and drinking lots of green tea! Will check back in on Monday with my progress for week 2.

Have a great weekend. Hilds