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This blog is all about my personal health and fitness journey. I am a qualified personal trainer and run my own Online Personal Training Business - GET ACTIVE ONLINE. I love helping others reach their goals and just feel better about themselves! Last year I competed in the Sports Model Division at the INBA All Female Classic and had a great time and might just do it again! But more on that later.... for now I just love rambling on about the daily adventures of Life!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Counting down the days!!!!

Geez I'm hanging out for a holiday! I don't think I have ever left it this long without having a proper break and its killing me!

Had a sickie on Monday as I was feeling like death, after a manic week last week I think I got a little run down. After my Japan flight I ended up getting stranded in Townsville as our aircraft broke down. So I hadn't slept, was in my smelly uniform with everyone staring at me as I'm trying not to fall asleep in the airport lounge (not a good look in Qantas uniform). So anyway only got an hours sleep in total and I wasn't a happy camper! Then I had to be back at work in the gym the next day, not good. So anyway I survived (sort of) and made it to the weekend where I decided getting pissed and eating heaps of crap would make me feel better, didn't really work but the good news is I've had a great week this week, eating clean and training hard!

I'm just kinda at the point now where I'm happy to go to Thailand looking however as I am just so excited about getting married and having a big holiday with our family and friends. So I've just been trying to limit the social functions as there seems to be so many at the moment and I just really can't be bothered. Piked out on two functions last night and went to bed at 8:30 instead. Feeling heaps better for it and just went for a 50min run and 40min beach walk, now its breaky time!

Having quite a few ups and downs at the moment as I'm struggling with working so much and really need to make some serious changes next year as I'm just getting burnt out. But I don't really want to make any decisions just yet as I know after a good holiday I will have a better perspective on things!

Have posted some pics, the one of me and Cam is at the gym Chrissy Party, oh nearly forgot to mention the gym I work at "City Fitness" just won Queensland Fitness Facility of the year (pretty cool!). The other two pics of me are taken out the front of our place in Mackay, loving living on the beach!

Anyway better go, lots to do as usual.

Lots of love Hilds

Monday, December 03, 2007

Getting so so excited!

Well here I am sitting back in Japan, it feels like forever since I've been here! I think my last trip must have been back in August. So I'm just using my day here to get super organised for the wedding.
We still or should I say I still have so much organising to do, wedding planning definitely isn't a favourite thing for men to get involved in. Cam is just now starting to get excited, its so funny I get excited so far out where as it isn't until Cam is sitting on the airplane that he seems to get excited. So for him to seem excited this far out is a very good sign, he he. It was funny as on the weekend he was trying to explain our travel/wedding plans to his Mum who lives in Thailand and he really had no idea! I had to get on the phone and explain where we were going to be when. I'm glad we are not having a big flash wedding as I can imagine it would be an absolute nightmare to organise.

I'm very excited that we have decided to do exactly what we want. We have about 20 or so family and friends heading over to Phi Phi Island Thailand for our wedding. The day will be very casual and hopefully lots and lots of fun. The plan is that we will be getting picked up by speedboats from Phi Phi and taken to Bamboo Island where they will have set up for the ceremony as it will be much quieter over there. After all the formal stuff its straight into champagne on the beach and back on the boats to go to the Coconut Beach Bar for lots of Cocktails, food and dancing. We have no formal dinner, speeches cake or anything (we sound slack, dont we!), but we just didn't want anything formal coz its just not us!

So anyway just need to finalise all the little things and better book some flights soon. So 6 weeks from today I'll be getting ready to get married, oh how exciting. So another 5 weeks until we fly out. So I'm still training hard and slowly getting there. I've really tightened up my nutrition for the next three weeks while I don't have too much stuff on. Its been pretty hard with all the Chrissy parties and stuff but I've just been doing the best I can. I'm feeling pretty good at the moment but just need to really tighten things up for the next couple of weeks.

I'll be flying all over Christmas and have a 5 day trip starting 5am Chrissy morning. So I know that week will be tough as I always struggle after early starts and especially 5 in a row plus trying to fit in a bit of Chrissy celebrations. So I won't be home for Christmas but wasn't too fazed this year as I start my holidays on the 31st of December. The good news is I will be flying in to Adelaide on Boxing day and will be able to catch up with all the family (as tired as I will be!). So I'm being a very good girl at the moment as I know that Chrissy will be hard and I'm running out of time. Although in saying that I'm pretty happy with where I am at and should be feeling even better by the time we fly out. Will post some progress pics when I get some time to download some pics.

Anyway enough rambling for one post. Sorry for my lack of posting life is just a little frantic as usual and we have only just got broadband on (dialup isn't much fun!).

Well bye for now better try and rest up as I'm flying throughout the night and not used to that anymore, don't think I'll be a happy camper tomorrow.

Cheers Hilds

Sunday, November 04, 2007

9 weeks to go!!!

Ok so its crunch time! I've only got 9 weeks until we head over to Thailand to get married. Obviously I want to look and feel fantastic for my wedding but for some reason I just can't seem to get my shit together at the moment. I've been training really hard and eating really well most of the time, although when the weekend hits I seem to really struggle. Friday night and Saturday were pretty average food wise this week and I feel like I am constantly taking a step backwards as soon as I start to make some progress. You'd think having the wedding so close would keep me motivated but I just can't seem to stay on track for more than a week!
So anyway here I am back blogging hoping it will keep me a bit more accountable. In my first week I managed to get rid of about 10cm although too scared to take my measurements this week as I feel like a puffer fish after all the carbs I've had. Anyway will check them tomorrow and will start blogging my progress to keep me on track. Well now I've got that of my chest, the rest of my life is going really well. I'm managing to combine part time flying with working in a gym when I am not flying. I'm enjoying the variety at the moment, although not used to have so little time to myself and getting up at 5am for training is killing me!
Well anyway will update soon with progress reports and maybe even some pics if I'm feeling brave.
Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm Back..........

Well I survived, just.......

The last two months would have to go down as the hardest months of my life ever! As you know I was all set to step on stage in October, but due to so many challenges thrown at me I had to make the decision not to compete. I would love to be saying I will be up on stage in a weeks time although unfortunatley I will have to take another bash at it later down the track, preferably when life isn't so out of control.

So August was hell! I started out trying to fit in comp prep with moving and changing jobs, which I was coping with just. Although it all got a bit too hard when a close member of my family was diagnosed with Multiple Scelrosis, then 2 days later my Auntie died and then a week later another close member of my family was in hospital with heart problems. Somehow I managed to get through it all, its amazing how special family is in hard times. Cam has also been amazing and I'm sure found it very hard knowing that a lot of the times I was alone in Cairns.

I don't normally take too much notice of my stars but for the month of August they were spot on. " LEO, This is potentially one of the most important months you'll have for the next 30 years. Once August is over, the planet of hard lessons and obstacles, Saturn, will leave your sign. You'l have passed through one of the hardest levels of life ever. Your hard work and any problems of the past few years have left you older and wiser."

So I've survived and things are looking great. I can finally see that light shinning at the other end of the tunnel. With all that has happened one of the most positive things is that you really appreciate everything you have and really want to make the most of every day!

I have decided to go part-time flying, so as of October I will be part time (yee-ha). I have now officially moved to Mackay and will hopefully be down here more than I am away! I've still been jettsetting all over the place and can't remember the last time I was in the same place for more than three nights but at least I can smile about it now.

Health and fitness wise, I have managed to maintain a good training routine although nutrition has left a lot to be disired. I normally have a few good days followed by a few really bad days! So tommorrow is the D Day. The time has come to get serious and get my butt looking hot for my wedding in Thailand in January. So I'll be back blogging a lot more as I need every bit of motivation I can get at the moment.

So here is to a great October!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Break from Blogging for a while

Just taking a bit of a break from blogging for a while. Still reading lots of blogs just not posting at the moment! Be back soon........

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bring on January and holidays!

Well this month would officially have to go down as one of my hardest months ever!!!!!!

I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere although I'm really struggling to see it just now. So this week hasn't been the best. The good things were I managed to get the furniture moved down to Mackay, so at least Cam has a bed to sleep on. Although it meant that my Birthday was spent waiting for removalists, who seem to always be late! So now I'm in Cairns with no bed and an empty house although hopefully not here for long.

Anyway the last couple of days would officially be classed as shit! On Friday night we flew back to Cairns from Mackay. We had to go the long way home (via Brissie) coz there were no seats on the direct flights! We got back home about 11pm and crawled into bed about 1am. I was on call from 4am - 4pm on Saturday so I was just praying that I didn't get called to fly out. Although at 4am the phone rang and I had to be in at work by 5am! Well I was a bit of a walking zombie yesterday and purely survived by eating shit all day (I'm a big time emotional eater!). So on top of it all I had two lots or really bad news!
So anyway I've stopped eating shit today and made myself go for a run this morning and aiming for a few days of good eating, exercise and lots of sleep! I'm of to Melbourne on Wednesday for 8days training. Then I'm planning on surprising Mum for her 60th Birthday on the 29th. She doesn't know I'm coming over but thought while I was in Melbourne I might as well make the quick trip over to Adelaide for the night (she will be sooo happy!). And then finally after two weeks away I'll get to see Cam for a day or so. So life is busy at the moment and I'm coping and I know that things will get better week by week! So here's to tomorrow and a great day!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Moving onwards & upwards!

Things have been hectic, but going really well this week. I've managed to cram in back to back Japan trips, plus organise the house to be moved and done all my training!

I'm just in Osaka at the moment and went for a big run plus 20 minutes of stairs at the amphitheatre. I am still recovering as it was stinking hot at 6am, thought I'd get going early and I'd be ok, but the sun was out and beaming. So my face is still a beetroot and I'm just waiting to cool down before I jump in the shower.
I'm feeling much better about everything this week. My head is in a better place and starting to feel like things will eventually get a bit calmer. Since I've decided not to compete I have had mixed feelings, I feel relieved but at the same time a little lost. Di has been fantastic support through it all and has made the whole decision making process a lot easier. I was really concerned with letting her down and will miss the contact as she is a great trainer, but I just honestly didn't want to be only putting in 70%, as if I'm going to compete one day I want to be able to put everything in to it, and unfortunately right now I have higher priorities. Although in saying that I'm still training hard and following my nutrition plan (maybe not quite as strict some days but trying!). So I'll keep going along strong and doing the best I can each week and see where it gets me.
I am heading down to Mackay for my Birthday on Thursday and the great news is that all the furniture should arrive that day. I'm so excited as I can't wait to move into our new place as it is in such an awesome location. I have never lived right on the beach before, I'm already looking forward to doing some beach runs. There is also a big park next to us with some awesome stairs and a running track, so I'm set!
Will post some pics when I can get my hands on the camera. Cam has been taking lots of snaps of him in the helicopter and out on the ships. He is loving his new job, so it makes it all worth it to see him so happy! Can't wait to finally move, not long now!
Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for all the comments! Love Hilds

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What a weekend!

Not quite as planned but a lot of stuff got sorted out this weekend. As you know I was hanging out to go and visit Cam and try and find our new home in Mackay.

So I got down Thursday arvo and finally saw Cam which was awesome! I spent Friday going around town checking everything out and went to all the gyms in town and had a sneak peak at what was available. By the end of Friday we had been approved on our first choice place to live. It was such a relief as I had my heart set on living at the Marina although our choices were limited, anyway we got an awesome Villa on the beach. So Friday night we celebrated and went out to dinner and even had a few drinks (all approved by Di!). So I was on a bit of a high on Friday. Although Saturday was a different story, overnight I had turned into this grumpy, moody depressed person. I was a bitch all day and really couldn't seem to snap myself out of it. I was ruining my only time with Cam for the next couple of weeks and was getting more frustrated by the minute as all I wanted to do was be settled in one place and just be happy. Although the more I thought about things the harder it all seemed.

The plan was while I was trying to compete, to stay in Cairns and keep all the furniture (gym stuff) so at least I had a base. As its hard enough trying to fit in an overseas trip each week and prepare all of my food and do my training without trying to stay at a friends house before and after trips. So I thought it was best to keep the house in Cairns until I competed. Although this meant that when Cam moved into the place in Mackay he would have no furniture (nothing) until October! It also meant I wouldn't see much of Cam and would mainly be living in Cairns by myself.

So after a very emotional day on Saturday I took some time to work out what was most important to me. Obviously it wasn't even a process as I new regardless of everything I just wanted to be where my partner is and start our new life together, not Cam in Mackay and me in Cairns!

So as hard as its been I have decided I will not be competing in October as I just know I cannot honestly put in 100%. There will be some weeks coming up when I will not be able to fit in all my training and I don't want to feel so guilty about it that it effects everything in my life. I am also changing employers in September and as such I have two weeks full time training in Melbourne in 2 weeks time, over this time I am in a hotel room and trying to cram as much study in as possible so I can pass. Also with my new employer I have a lot less control over my rosters and we have new flying patters so I don't even know where I will be flying or if I will get certain days of. So all of this has been stressing me out. I had always known that things were going to be hard and that I would deal with it as the time came. And I suppose that is what I am doing now. I never ever expected to be making this decision after my weekend with Cam as I have been feeling fantastic and noticing some good changes. Although at the end of the day my relationship, mental and physical health is the most important things to me. So I've had to tell myself I can't always do everything that I want.

So after a bit (that's an understatement!) of a binge on the weekend, I've pulled myself together and back into the training and eating well! It took Monday and Tuesday to get rid of those sugar cravings and get my motivation back. You forget how shit you feel after a binge session, it will take me at least this week to feel good again. But the good news is that my motivation is back and I'm just in Japan waiting for the gym to open so I can get an awesome cardio session out of the way.

So the removalist is booked for next Tuesday. I get back on Thursday from Japan and will be madly packing as I'm of to Japan again on Friday back on Sunday and have to have the house all packed up by Tuesday. Then I'm down to Mackay on Wednesday for my Birthday on Thursday (staying in our new place with absolutely no furniture) and then back to Cairns on Friday! Oh what a busy week, but at least I'm smiling about it now.

I nearly wasn't going to post this update as Its sometimes so easy to only post the positive things, although I feel so much better for getting it all of my chest.

Hope everyone is healthy and happy!

Love Hilds

Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm still alive!

I'm back! Have been a bit slack on the blogging front, reading lots of blogs just not posting much. So much has been happening I don't even know where to begin.

Firstly I had an absolute ball in Melbourne, loved watching the show and couldn't have asked for a better room mate! It was fantastic to meet Di in person and she is even more lovelier than I imagined. I also got to meet so many others (Sue, Jodie, Selina , Ali, Kerry, Nat, Kelly and I 'm sure more!). I felt a bit bad coz I really didn't get to chat to anyone much as I was so engrossed in watching the show and trying to work out if I could really do this.

Anyway I'm still going ahead, planning on stepping on stage in Oct 6 Brissie INBA show. At the moment I'm having massive up's and downs with it all (poor Di has to listen to it all!). Some days I feel on top of the world, really feeling like I am making changes and can see myself up on that stage. Where as other days I feel fat and frumpy, don't feel like I will be ready in time and why am I even bothering with it all (as I definitely don't feel like sports model material). Anyway aside from it all I am just taking every day as it comes and trying to do the best with the day at hand and hopefully all these baby steps will get me closer to where I want to be. I've worked out that my biggest struggle is when I am sleep deprived, my mood plummets, I struggle to stay on track with my nutrition and training is the biggest effort known to man. I'm slowly learning though that normally it only lasts for a day and as soon as I have a good nights sleep I'm on top of the world again. Will post some progress pics when I feel brave enough! (not for a few weeks yet). So I'm about 10 weeks out and lots of changes to be made in that time.
On the home front I'm feeling a bit lost at the moment. Cam is now down in Mackay and I'm still in Cairns. I'm finding it all a bit hard and really just wanting to get packed up and be there with Cam. Although due to changes with work and training it just isn't possible just yet.
On a positive note I have 3 more sleeps and I'll get to spend a few days with Cam! I'm so excited and I even get to have a free meal while I'm down there, I can't wait.
So right now I'm in Japan. I went for a 50 minute run this morning, followed by 20 minutes of stairs and feeling really good about everything (on an up day!). I'm trying my hardest to get a lot of my training done before I get to Mackay so I can enjoy some time of with Cam.
Anyway better get moving, got some shopping to do!
Have a great week everyone. Cheers Hilds

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Melbourne here I come! (sorry no title as blogger wont let me)

So only a couple more days and I'll get to see my first ever show! I can't even begin to describe how excited I am and even more so now as Di is coming too and staying with me. Although that's freaking me out a little having your trainer see you in person and check out all your bad bits! Especially since I'm going to have to take the next couple of days of training because I have this rotten flu and just can't seem to kick it. I'm actually going to go to the Dr as soon as I get in tomorrow morning from Japan and see if I can get some antibiotics. I don't normally take them, think I've only had them twice in my life but with all this flying I just don't seem to be able to get over this cold. And all I really want to do at the moment is train hard, I'm already missing being able to go for a run but I just don't have the energy at the moment. So I want to be feeling fine for Melbourne, so trying to rest up today before my night flight home as the next few days are going to be busy.

Due to School holidays I've actually had to fly to Adelaide for a night just so I can get to Melbourne on Friday as all the flights are full out of Cairns. Anyway will get to catch up with the family for a night which will be lovely. Although now that I'm flying out a day earlier it means I only get in tomorrow morning and then I'm of at lunch time to Adelaide. So I don't think I'll be sleeping tomorrow as I have to pack and try and find some shoes (mine have gone missing, great timing) and other stuff before I fly out. Was originally planning on getting my hair done on Thursday although no time now so will be looking a bit dodgy. Oh well still extremely excited about it all.
Hope to see everyone on Saturday when I'm feeling much better ! (positive thinking)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I'm home! God it's good to be home after 6 days away.

Firstly I should apologize for my last angry post, as you can tell I was feeling very shit! Anyway it's amazing what a good nights sleep will do. I woke up the next day feeling a million dollars, sleep is my new drug!

So its been a busy but good week, my trip went quite quickly which is always great. I had a great crew to work with which makes such a huge difference so it was a great week. I managed to stay on track with my nutrition as I was very organised and had a weeks worth of salad packed, lots of chicken and heaps of tuna. So I can happily say I was a very good girl. I also managed to get all of my training done as the gym in Manila has quite a bit of stuff compared to your normal hotel gym, although could do with a few fans as I sweated to death.

I have my weekly check in tomorrow, check weight and measurements so hopefully I will get a good result. Its funny some weeks you can feel as you have done really well but the results don't show and others you feel you have gone backwards and all the measurements have actually gone down. I feel like I am shrinking so I just hope that the measurements prove me right.

Anyway getting excited about moving now, Cam is off in two weeks and then I'll start to organise when I can go down. I know I will want to go straight away although with comp prep and changing work shifts I am going to have to wait a little bit. I still have some days when I wonder if I am doing the right thing trying to compete this year when things are so busy. I kinda feel very selfish as I need to hold on to the house for a couple of months to keep the gym here so I can still get all my training done, otherwise we would rent it out a lot sooner. Anyway lucky I have an amazing partner who is happy to support me in all the decisions I make.

Anyway enough for today I have lots of DVDs to watch as I stocked up on all the new releases while I was in Manila, I hope they work wouldn't want to waste a whole dollar on a DVD!

Will check in tomorrow with how I have gone for the week.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Love Hilds

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sleep deprived!

Geez I hate the feeling when you are so tired but just can't sleep and you just can't seem to get motivated to do anything! Well this is how I feel today, I always feel pretty crap after a night flight but today I'm feeling very very average. I got in at 6am this morning and crawled into bed where I tossed and turned for three hours before deciding I was over it and was going to get up. Its really strange coz I'm super tired but just can't seem to sleep. So today has just been one big struggle not to overeat and really just survive the day. Haven't done any training as I decided it was best to wait until I could actually put in a decent effort, and I still have enough time this week to get all my training sessions done. So anyway just needed to have a whinge, I'll be over it tomorrow and feeling 100%, amazing what a good nights sleep will do! Anyway hope everyone else has had a far more productive day than myself! Sleep well! Hilds

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Week 3

The weeks just seem to be flying by at the moment. I'm already into week 3 (13 weeks out), things have been going along well until the dreaded flu hit last week. Anyway I took my trusty trainers advice and took 3 full days of training and have managed to get over it quite quickly and back into normal training again. It was a bit of a tough week, only being my 2nd week and having to miss training sessions really did my head in a bit, but I'm slowly learning that there is no point training and getting worse when your body really needs rest. So I survived the week and managed to stay outta the gym long enough to get better.

So I'm back in Japan at the moment, have got a couple of nights here so spent the day browsing the outlet stores and ended up getting a new camera (should have been studying but the shops were calling!). Got a good run in this morning, actually went for longer than I had to as I was on a bit of a roll, did 55mins included 10mins (warm up and cool down), felt a bit shattered afterwards but its a good shattered! So tonight I'm just having a quiet one as the rest of the crew have gone for an all you can eat and drink buffet for 1 1/2 hours, I decided to pike as I wasn't really feeling like it (too hard to explain why I'm not eating all the crap they are!) and all you can eat is a bit wasted on me at the moment! Kinda prefer to save a special treat for when I am at home and can really enjoy it. I'm hoping for a great week of training this week, I really want to push myself a bit harder with the weights and might get Cam to take me through a couple of session. I always find you can push yourself that little bit more with someone pushing you along.
Have also advertised for a housemate this week, seems a bit strange but since I'm going to have a massive house to myself for a while thought I might as well get someone in (I'm a scardy cat on my own). Have been getting a few odd responses so hopefully I can find someone decent, never thought I would be sharing a house again! I'm trying not to stress too much about the next few months as I know it is going to be absolute mayhem, with changing jobs which involves 8 days straight of training in either sydney or melbourne (who knows how I'm going to fit all my exercise sessions in that week). Plus packing up a lot of the house stuff, helping Cam get settled in Mackay, finding a place to live in Mackay, plus still flying to Japan/Manilla and wherever else my roster tells me to go. Also looking after the house in Cairns until I permanently move to Mackay. All this while preparing for two comps and trying to plan my wedding.......arghhhhh. Anyway all exciting and only looking at a couple of weeks ahead at the moment otherwise I start to freak out.

Overall all is going well with comp prep so far although been having a couple of fat, frumpy days this week. Not really sure why, but might need to spend some girly time making myself feel a bit nicer. I think when I don't get any sun for a while I start to feel all pasty and a bit flat, can't ever see myself living anywhere cold and miserable (I would be on antidepressants!).

Well enough babble for one night. Keep smiling everyone. Lots of Love Hilds

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mackay here we come!

We found out yesterday that Cam starts his new position on the 23rd July! I'm so glad he finally knows what's going on as I could sense he was stressing out a bit. So finally we can start making some plans. It looks as though Cam will head down on the 22nd July whereas I'll be in Cairns for a while longer.

I'm still stressing out whether I have made the right decision to stay full time. So at the moment my plan is to keep the house in Cairns until October and then look at moving all the furntiure down. It would just be way too hard to commute full time until I can work out how my new rosters are going to work. At the moment I am still working for Australian Airlines (we look like qantas but where not quite yet!), so my rosters are pretty good with mainly Japans and the odd Manilla thrown in. Although as of September 1 Australian Airlines closes down and we will be employed as Qantas Short haul based in Cairns. Which means we now bid for our trips depending on seniority, which is great if your up the top but if your down the bottom like me who knows what my rosters will end up looking like. I also have 8days training in Melbourne coming up which will be very very long days, so I don't really know how I'll fit all my training in that week, but I'll just deal with it when it comes. I won't even know if I can get the comp dates of until very close to the time but again will just deal with it when the time arises!

So plan is stay in Cairns until about October, then move down to Mackay and apply for part time. Hopefully I can get part time later in the year as then I can finally try and get into doing a bit of personal training work. I'm looking at getting a couple of students in as we live right near the uni. I think I'd be too scared being here on my own all the time! And I will just head down to Mackay when I have a block of days of. So it will be a bit weird not seeing Cam all the time as we spend heaps and heaps of time together. But I'm thinking of it as a positive thing, we can go on lots of dates and it will only be for a few months. Will just make our wedding in January all the more exciting!

So I'm home until Thursday and then of to Japan again, back for the weekend and then of to Japan again for a two night Osaka on Monday. Well better get moving, groceries and washing to be done (all the exciting stuff!).

Have a great week! Hilds

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Funny old Japan!

God Japan makes me laugh! I've done so many trips here now and the things I see never stop amazing me. I was just in the gym and was trying to figure out one of their weight machines, they have lots of different pieces of equipment and some look as old as japan itself. So I thought I'd ask one of the staff how it works, and when I did she just looked at me and shook her head and said I don't know (obviously they don't need the same qualifications to work in a gym as we do in Oz). Anyway had a great cardio session on the treadmill, just did 7km steady state, was dripping with sweat by the time I was done as Japan doesn't like their gyms to be too cold. Its funny you quite often see people still wearing those sweat suits. They also have these things that just shake you around, there is one in the gym that looks like a rodeo bull riding machine, its hilarious to watch people on it. Can't say I'll be jumping on one soon, it looks like all it does is wobble your fat around so everyone can see your wobbly bits!

Anyway have had a great week, all training sessions done and have had an excellent nutrition week as well. I can't even begin to describe how much better I feel after just one week of eating well. I haven't even really craved any junk this week, most probably because I've loaded up on it the last couple and have definitely had my fair share. We even have visitors at the moment and they have been enjoying a beverage or three every night and I haven't even felt like one (just hope that I can feel like this every week). So I'm now 14 weeks out from my first time I step on stage. Still no idea if I will be remotely close to where I want to be by then but just following my trusty trainers advice (superstar poster girl) and will see what happens. I also managed to get another exam out the way, I actually walked out feeling quite good. So only two more modules to go and I'm all done!

Still don't know when Cam has to go to Mackay so I can sense he is a bit edgy with the waiting so I'm quite enjoying having lots of trips at the moment (he he it's the easy way out!). I'm in Japan again today so have squeezed in 2 japan trips and 1 Sydney overnight and still managed to stay on track so I'm pretty happy with that. I have also got my roster for the next month now, so can start planning away! Some awesome news is that I have definitely got the time of to go to Melbourne, hanging out to see my first show. It is going to be so so so exciting as there is so many girls going that I'm looking forward to meeting. Just going to start checking accommodation out now and I suppose I better get some tickets.

Anyway enough rambling for one day, hope everyone is having an excellent weekend.


Monday, June 11, 2007

What a week....

Well last week was suppose to be my relaxing 10 days at home, it didn't quite work out that way! After a lovely weekend of indulging we decided to get motivated and paint the lounge room. Don't know quite why as we were just out for coffee and next minute we are at mitre 10 buying paint and getting stuck into it. So after painting the lounge room I decided it looked so good that I would paint the rest of the place (don't know what i was thinking!). Anyway after a full week of painting, putting in new lights and getting new carpet in the bedrooms the place looks fantastic. Only as soon as I had finished and packed that paint brush away we found out we are moving to Mackay! (have already harrassed Selina for all the inside information, thanks Selina)

Anyway its been an event filled week, with moving news, cams graduation and lots of planning as to what to do. So i'm feeling very fat and frumpy after a week of finding any reason to have a drink or eat crap! But on a good note it all ended on Saturday as I started my new program on Sunday and I'm loving the good stuff again. I can't believe how much better you feel when you eat well, my body just doesn't handle the crap food very well. I don't sleep well and I lack energy big time. So I'm in comp prep mode, still can't fathom the idea of getting on stage but I just not even thinking about that just yet. I've got Di keeping me on track and it's just awesome having someone who you admire help you get to where you want to be. I find it so much easier to stick to a plan and do well when I have someone telling me exactly what to do.

So I've got a very busy week ahead, the price I had to pay for having a week at home. I'm in Japan now about to fly home, back home Tuesday morning and have got my next exam booked in for Wednesday (lots of studying to be done tomorrow). Then i'm of to Sydney on Thursday, back on Friday and of to Japan again on Saturday. So I've had a bit of planning to do this week to make sure I get all my training in around it all. We have also got Cams parents arriving on Thursday for two weeks, its going to be tough not being able to drink but I'm sure I'll cope (sound like an alcoholic!).

Anyway gotta fly (literally).

Will check in soon with progress reports.

Cheers Hilds

Friday, June 01, 2007

My little sisters Wedding pics!

Well I've finally got some pics of my little sisters wedding! It's great to look back over them as it was such a great weekend, or should I say two weekends! They had the reception with immediate family only one weekend followed by a big party the next weekend! It was so much fun and I overindulged on both occasions!!!!!! (but what are weddings for!)

Love Friday's

Gotta love Friday's! Even though I don't work Monday to Friday I still love Friday's, I think its because everyone is in a better mood as they know the weekend is just around the corner.

So far today is of to a great start. I forced myself outta bed at 6:30 for my 45min jog. Its hard to make myself get up early sometimes as I don't really have anywhere to be so I could quite easily sleep in. Not that my body will let me sleep in as the guilt seems to creep in and before I know it I'm crawling out of bed and putting those sneakers back on! Had a great run this morning, bit of a struggle to get going as legs were a bit sore from my high intensity leg training yesterday but once I got into it and had the Ipod going full bore I was ok. My morning run is so worth the awesome feeling when I've finished, it really gets things moving for the day (he he if you know what I mean, sorry to be gross in the morning!). Anyway on to brighter topics.

Have planned to go out for a couple of bevie's tonight as we haven't gone out for ages! So might head down to the beach for a couple and then I've planned to be Chef for the night! Since we eat pretty simply throughout the week I thought it was about time I got creative and made something different. So Cam has chosen Spaghetti Di Mare and Apple Strudel (reminds us of our trip to Austria, ate strudel everyday!) for dessert! So a bit of a carb/fat fest tonight (glad I ran a bit faster this morning, he he).

I'm also catching up with a girlfriend for coffee today, god I love being home! I can't describe how good it feels not to be shattered from lack of sleep and be able to maintain a bit of a routine even if it is only for one week. I'm going to have a pretty relaxing weekend just catching up with friends. Because as of Monday I need to get some serious study in, as my next exam is booked for Thursday and I haven't really been doing much study. I'm not a lover of study, I love learning but just hate the whole exam thing!

Well anyway time to get motivated for the day!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

Love Hilds

Monday, May 28, 2007

Well I'm so glad it's Monday! Last week wasn't the best week I've had. It started out ok, I got my new car on Tuesday which was awesome and am absolutley loving it! Also had managed to swap my trips so I could help Cam out with finishing of this aircon job which we nearly got finished! But as the week progressed I just felt like crap, I was tired, grumpy and feeling quite down. It was so frustrating as I couldn't work out why and no matter what I did I just couldn't seem to snap out of it. I'm guessing it was really bad PMS although wouldn't know as I have gone of the pill and don't really know when they come anymore. Anyway I got back from Japan yesterday and could only sleep for two hours, so felt crap all day and decided I'm going back on the pill as I just couldn't cope with myself. So hopefully I'll start to get back to normal this week. So yesterday I let my emotions win over and ate crap all day, even tried to have a nana nap as I knew I was just really really tired but the more I tried the more my body just wouldn't let me sleep. Anyway got to bed about 10pm last night and up and into it this morning. Managed to fit a 5km run in before getting ready and I'm about to head of to Japan again today, it's going to be a long day!

Anyway on a more positive note, when I get back I have 11 glorious days at home. I'm going to use this time to get motivated again and really get stuck in to training hard and eating well! Positive, positive, positive! So hopefully I won't have to bore you with a depressing, negative post next time!

Anyway better fly!!!!

Love Hilds

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Feeling Motivated!

Just thought I'd better do a blog update while I remember. I'm home today and in the process of tidying up our garden (or should I say destroying it). I'm not much of a gardener and tend to just do a massive cutback every few months. I feel a bit sorry for our plants as they don't get much loving around here. It's funny whenever we go to the nursery to buy something (which is very rare) we always ask for the plants that survive on little water, full sunlight and not much attention! The poor nursery staff kinda look at us strangely and explain all plants need water. Well that's our problem we are not very good at consistently watering, we might need to invest in an automated system, oh well its all looking ok and we still have plants so we can't be doing to bad.

So anyway feeling pretty motivated at the moment, not really sure why but I'm not complaining. Feeling quite happy with my nutrition and training at the moment and just extremely excited about my upcoming challenge. I'm so glad I've made the commitment to compete and have stopped stressing as much and am just ready to give it my best. I've had a big change in mind set due to a few reasons. But one big one is that someone close to me is going through there own personal challenge at the moment (sorry can't tell details) but it has made me realise if they can face their fears head on then mine seems easy in comparison (still terrifying though!). So I'm ready for whatever is given to me. I've got Sue working out a program for me and I hopefully I will also be getting some help from Di (need as much help as I can get). I'm still looking at trying to get down to Melbourne for the INBA comp as I think it would be good to see a show before I do one myself (or maybe not, might scare me even more. he he).

All is going well on the work front. Things should be staying the same for now which is nice. The rosters are pretty good at the moment and tending to get lots of time at home. Although things will change in the next couple of months as we will cease to be Australian Airlines and will instead be employed by Qantas. This means we all need to undergo training to work on different aircraft. So hopefully by September the change over will be complete, this will mean very different flying for me and I will also have to bid for my roster. Currently we mainly just do short Japan trips and Sydney overnights and the occasional long Manilla trip. Whereas with Qantas we don't really know where we will be flying. So far its looking like possibly Shanghai, Narita, Auckland, Hong Kong and domestic destinations around Australia. In a way I'm hoping that the change over will be delayed so I can get the competition out of the way while I have easier rosters to work with. Anyway can't stress over it now will just have to wait and see as the time gets closer. I have also spent months trying to swap my annual leave for January so I can go to my own wedding although now I not even sure if I will still have this annual leave spot. So many what ifs at the moment which is so frustrating.

Another what if! Is the whole moving thing, now its looking like we might be staying in Cairns. So I've started to get all excited about staying, although there is still a possibility we will go. Arghhhhhhh I've had to stop worrying about this too and just deal with it when the times comes (should know for sure in a couple of weeks).

Anyway enough babble for another day! Time to get cleaned up because I'm going to get my new car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very excited!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Cheers Hilds


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mind Games!

Well another week down! It has been a busy one both physically and mentally.
Had to help Cam out with aircon cleaning on Monday and Tuesday, and boy was that fun (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice!). No it wasn't too bad we got heaps done, but sitting in the sun reading a book sounds so much better. We are both pretty busy at the moment, as Cam is trying to finish of his Customs training plus fit in his aircon work and I'm well not as busy but flying here and there and studying for my next exam and helping Cam out when ever I can. Have actually managed to swap my long Manilla trip next week so I can help out with more aircons. I think I must be crazy, I'm missing out on 2 Sydney overnights to clean aircons!

Anyway all is going well, managed to get back in to proper training again. Did my high intensity leg routine on Thursday and haven't been able to walk properly since. I actually think its the worst doms I have ever had. I had to fly home from Japan last night and really struggled walking up and down that aisle!!!!! Anyway I made it and actually got 4 hours sleep this morning, so I'm feeling pretty good (for now anyway). Want to start getting back into a bit more cardio next week as I have scaled back a bit lately and think I need to get a bit more motivated again. Eats are going pretty good, still struggle on those night flights but working on it.

So that was about it for last week, well except for my massive indecisiveness! I have been contemplating competing in the Sports Model category in one of the shows later in the year. So I really wanted to make a decision this week if I was going to give it a go or not. Every time I thought about it I got so excited but at the same moment extremely nervous and thought of every excuse under the sun as why I wouldn't be able to do it:
These are just a few -
- I'll never get into shape in time
- I get so nervous I won't be able to walk on stage
- I'm not the most co-ordinated of people
- I don't think I look like a sportsmodel
- It will be to hard with my new job
- We might be moving to Townsville
- I will have to commute to work, try and find somewhere to train, be staying at friends houses and have to avoid eating crap and alcohol.
- I change employers in September and don't even know if I can have the time of.
- We need to save for our wedding and I can't afford it.
And the list just goes on.........

But with all of those excuses I have decided what the hell I'm going to give it a shot anyway!

I've always said I regret the things I don't do, so who cares if I'm not as good as I think I should be. As long as I can honestly say at the end of it all I gave it my best shot then I'm a winner anyway! So as the saying goes "Feel the fear and do it anyway". (I'm still nervous as hell though).

I wasn't going to say anything but I find I get so much encouragement from all the other bloggers it was a great way to stop me from chickening out! So here goes........ It's only early days and will obviously have to see where I am at a lot closer to the time but I'm going to give it a go.

So that's it for another week, I've done my training for today and I'm of to enjoy the sunshine and a lovely BBQ at some friends house.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love Hilds

Saturday, May 12, 2007

New Car!

I'm feeling so much better today after a massive 13 hours, yes that's right 13 hours sleep last night. I crawled into bed at 7:30pm after only 2 hours sleep the night before. I got back from Japan on Friday morning and had to go to the bank in the morning to sort out my car loan details so I only managed to squeeze in 2 hours sleep! Not good as I struggled all day and ate way too many carbs, we even endulged in some pizza and chocolates last night (thanks Carolyn they didn't last long!). It all went down a bit too easily, although had a great HITT session this morning and about to hit the yard to start working it all off, straight back on track!

Things are slowly coming together. Bought a new car this week! Its very exciting as I have been driving a bomb for the last 7 years and most probably another bomb before that. I have never actually had a nice car as I have always had better things to do with my money. But I decided it was time to spoil myself as I earn decent money and while I can, what the hell! So I did it, Cam went to Brissie on Wednesday to check out my new (well not new but as new as I will get!) Toyota Celica. It looks so nice, not that I have seen it in real life yet but should get it in a week or so as we are getting it transported up here. I was going to getting a more practical car, maybe a Mazda 3 or something similar but I decided while I am kid free I'll get myself a toy car instead of the family wagon! So that's one thing of the list.

So now I'm just trying to stop constantly thinking about whether we are moving or not. I find it hard at time like this as I can't seem to get on with much else as I'm just hanging out to know. So anyway have decided to get motivated today and finish of the path I'm doing in the back yard and then might clean up my little old bomb as its looking a bit worse for wear!

So time to get motivated! Have a great weekend everyone.

Love Hilds

Sunday, May 06, 2007

My head is spinning!!!!

Wow so much is going on at the moment. So I apologize for my lack of posting but have had way too much to think about latley.

So where do I start!

Two weeks ago Cam and myself headed down to my little sisters wedding in Adelaide. It was an awesome weekend with a beautiful little ceremony in the Adelaide Hills. The night before the wedding myself and my two sisters and Mum and Dad stayed at a B&B together. It was so much fun as it has been years since we have all spent the night together with no partners, kids or anyone else, it felt like we were kids again. We all went out to dinner then got back to the B&B and put our pj's on and had a family slide show in front of the open fire. It was fantastic and amazing to look back at all the baby pics and Mum and Dad when they were all spunky! (not that they are not spunky now, just in case they are reading!) Myself and my older sister got stuck into the redwine and vodka and ended up sitting up quite late munching on any goodies we could find stashed in the B&B! The following day was the wedding and we all had an amazing day. At the end of it all Cam & I stayed back and cleaned up while the newly married couple went of to dinner and then went to go back to our B&B until we discovered my sister had locked the keys inside. It was a close call as we really didn't want to crash the wedding couple on their wedding night but luckily the owners came down and let us in! The next day it was an early flight back to Adelaide.

The next day I had my surgery booked in for Monday afternoon. All went well and I woke up feeling rather happy (gotta love the hospital drugs!). I ended up taking the week of work and just rested at home as I wasn't quite up to flying to Japan. I must say it was really hard for me to not train all week, but I managed it and I'm sure it has helped me get back on track. The following Friday I flew down to Adelaide again, this time for the big wedding party! It was a very wet weekend in Adelaide, which everyone except us was very happy about. Anyway to keep it short the pary was awesome, heaps of great people, dancing and a few too many drinks! We got back to our hotel room about 2:30pm and it felt like only a minute before our alarm was going at 6:30am to head to the airport. I'm glad we were catching a cab as I still felt drunk from the night before! I'm so glad it was a direct flight as 3 hours later we were back in Sunny Cairns and a very relaxing day!

So on to this week! Another full on week, I've managed to get back into training and have done two trips, one to Japan and the other down to Sydney. Cam and I have had to do a lot of thinking this week and make some big decisions. Cam has decided to put in a for a position with Customs in Townsville. It would be a good opportunity for us as Cam would be put on full time, we would get our rent paid for and and it would be a nice change. So we thought what the heck lets give it a go. So hopefully we find out next week if we will be moving in a couple of weeks. I'm also in the process of getting a new car as mine is about to die. I also found out on Thursday that all of the Cairns base Australian Airlines crew will be employed full time with qantas short haul. This was great news as we all thought that they were just going to get rid of us all and we would be lucky to get redundancy packages. So I have been checking out places to live in Townsville plus deciding what to do with our house plus organising somewhere for me to stay as I would commute to work from Townsville. So its all happening for us, but all very exciting.

Haven't had a minute to think about wedding stuff, but need to get motivated and make some bookings as a few friends have already booked their flights and we don't even have anything organised!!! So in all this mayhem I'm managing to keep up with my training an nutrition and have a much more balanced approach.

Well enough rambling for one post, should never leave it this long between posting as I have way too much to say!

Hope everyone is well! Love Hilds

P.S Congratulations to all the girls who have competed latley you all look fantastic! And also to Carolyn who had her final pics taken and is a true inspiration.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Changed my mind!

As you can see I changed my mind and decided I needed to take some final pics. Even though I'm not quite where I want to be, as the last few weeks have all been a bit hard and hence I haven't been abel to put 100% into my training and nutrition. I decided I still needed to finish of what I started and this puts an end to another 12 weeks with Sue and IBO. I'm happy with the positive changes I have made over the last 3 months and now have a much more balanced outlook on my training and nutrition and am enjoying the journey all that much more. I figure I am a constant work in progress and if I can consistently make positive steps forward that is the most important thing.

Anyway Cam and I had a lot of fun taking some pics today, we decked out the gym and turned it into our own little photo studio and enjoyed a nice bottle of red while doing so. Anyway enough for tonight I've got a vodka to enjoy!!!!!

Have a great weekend! Love Hilds

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tired Tiger!!!!!

Yes I'm back and feeling a bit tired, just got in from Japan this morning and after my usual 3 hours of sleep I'm feeling pretty crappy! I always hate the day I fly back in as I always feel like crap and crave carbs really bad, but I know after a good nights sleep and I'll be all back to normal. So only a few more hours to survive and I'll be sound asleep (YAY!). Anyway on a more positive note I had a great Easter, managed to get a couple of days of with Cam. So we spent Easter veging about the house, we sanded the outdoor furniture and spa down and put some much needed stain/oil on them so they look like new now. Its funny how you put of some jobs for sooo long and then once you actually do them they don't even take that long. So after that we got all motivated and thought of another fifty things we could do to the house. After a trip to bunning (god I love that place!) we discovered maybe we can't afford to do them all just yet and we might have to do things slowly.

The last couple of weeks have been a bit hard for me and I've had to do a lot of thinking about what some of my goals are and what I am trying to achieve. I've nearly finished my 12 week program although have had to ease things back quite a bit and also decided not to do the final week depletion diet. I've been having a few health issues lately and I decided it was better not to stuff my body around especially with my surgery coming up soon. So its been a bit hard as I feel like a bit of a failure as I just haven't been able to put as much into my training and nutrition as I normally do. But on the other hand I'm quite happy with myself that I'm finally listening to my body. It also made me realise that I'm doing this all for me and that if it takes me a bit longer to achieve the things I had set out to then that's ok too! So I'm still training hard and eating well just not obsessing about the little things as much at the moment. So no photos just yet!

I'm also starting to get really excited about little sisters wedding coming up. I've only got one more Japan trip to get through and I'll get to catch up with my whole family in Adelaide. I always get so excited when I get to see them all for a couple of days, the only problem is it is always so rushed. Anyway it should be fantastic I just hope the weather is good as my outfits aren't the warmest!

So I've got a few days home now, don't have to go anywhere until Sunday. Tomorrow is a busy day, I've got cardio in the morning, that's if my legs work there still trashed from my leg workout on Sunday plus I did the stairs in the hotel yesterday (fifty flights) so can barely walk today but hopefully they will be ok tomorrow. Then after that I'm of to the tailor to pick up my top for the wedding, then to the hospital for my pre surgery appointment, then to the Solarium and finally a couple of relaxing hours at the hairdressers. Then if I can motivate myself of to the red arrow for some more stairs and my friends house for a cuppa. Its amazing with my job, I have so much free time when I'm away but it means when I'm home I always have a big list of things to do. The rest of the week I'm hoping to just hang at home and get a fair bit of study done. So that's about it from me, I'm of to veg in front of the telly haven't seen the biggest loser in a while and was a bit upset to hear Damien had left, it seems all the real losers are the only ones left!
Also nearly forgot needed to say a big WELL DONE to Carolyn she is looking amazing and is a true inspiration! Can't wait to see her final pics. And also well done to Di, your looking fantastic and sounds like you motivated heaps of bloggers over Easter to do heaps of Cardio. Not long to go now you are going to look amazing, I might even get to see you on stage!
Have a great week everyone. Cheers Hilds

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Long time between posts!

Where do I start! Things seem to be hectic lately although when anyone asks it doesn't really sound like I've been doing much!

This morning I got back from Japan and the sun was up so I sat up for a while and crawled in to bed around 7:30am and here I am back up at 11am just waiting for the gym to cool down so I can get my workout done for the day. Strangely enough I actually sort of look forward to my workout this morning as it seems to keep that yucky hungover feeling from lack of sleep out of my system. Although in saying that my workout will be as motivated as I get all day and plan on chilling out and maybe even sitting in the sun for the rest of the day (I don't function too well after night flights and the day is usually a right off!).

I've had a bit of a downer of a week last week, seemed to have lost my MOJO! Just couldn't seem to get into anything, training was even an effort. It was TTOM and I was a real grumpy bum (just ask Cam he'll tell you!) although at the time of course I wouldn't admit to any of my moods being hormone related. I managed to still get in all my training done last week although every session took a hell of a lot of motivation to get me there. Nutrition was hard as I can usually eat a house when its TTOM and anything sweet is such a temptation. Normally I can resist temptation ok, but for some reason last week I was really struggling I haven't had PMS that bad for ages! So anyway pretty good all week until a bit of a massive blowout on the weekend, I haven't had one of those for a while either, but I can honestly say I kinda needed it! It actually helped get me back on track on Sunday and haven't had a problem since. I think its kinda good to have some indulgences every now and then as I've been trying to be super good for too long now and I was getting over it!

On a positive Cam took me out for dinner on Saturday night. I had requested a date as I wanted to wear a dress. I bought a new dress for my sisters wedding party and wanted to break the shoes in (any excuse to go out!). I can relate to Hilary about not wearing dresses very often, I felt very weird and actually felt like a girl for a change, I'm a real comfort dresser and love anything where I feel comfortable and a dress is hard work. Although in saying that I did feel very nice and got lots of compliments, so I might have to wear one more often. We went to this awesome place at the Casino for dinner, I had my favourite Salmon steak and it was to die for. The atmosphere, food and staff were all awesome so I'll definitely be going back.

I finally got my roster for April which I have been hanging out for as there is so much going on. As I've mentioned my little sister is getting married. She is having a small ceremony at a B&B in the Adelaide hills one weekend and then a bit party then next weekend for extended family and friends. She has organised it so that Cam and I can stay at a B&B near by for the weekend so it is going to be lovely. So I've anxiously been awaiting the roster to see what time I had off.

I've also been waiting to find out when I have been booked in for surgery. I recently found out I had to have more cells removed from my cervix (this is the second time) as I have CIN2 again. It's something that has been playing on my mind as it is so frustrating when you make such an effort to live a healthy lifestyle and then things like this come up and there is nothing you can really do to change it. It was 3 years ago I had the last lot removed and since then they have progressively been getting worse again. So ladies make sure you are having regular pap smears as I have been having them every six months for years now and it doesn't take long for changes to happen. I suppose the good thing is I'm on top of it but still very frustrating that I cannot do anything myself to fix the situation and am just relying on surgery to remove the cells. So it turns out the surgery is booked for the Monday after my sisters wedding. So in April I have heaps on, I finish my 12 weeks with IBO in the 14th, then have a Brisbane and Japan trip, back to Cairns then fly to Adelaide on the 19th for the wedding, back to Cairns on the 22nd. Surgery is booked for the 23rd, two days of then back to Japan if I'm ok then down to Adelaide again on the 28th for my sisters party (jeez I'm tired just thinking about it). The good news is I will have finished my 12 weeks before surgery as I really need to take a week of training as last time I didn't rest as much as I should have and it took ages for things to get back to normal.

And on top of all that I have been trying to organise our wedding, I have been having great difficulty finding someone to organise the ceremony where we want it without all the dancing monkeys and elephants parading around. The Thais idea of a wedding ceremony and ours are very different! But it looks as though I have found a company that can do what we want which is a great relief as I just want someone else to organise it so we can enjoy sitting on the beach, eating and drinking with friends in Thailand. So I'm very excited now!!!!!

So I suppose I've just had a lot on my mind but I think once April is over things will be a bit easier and I can enjoy just plodding along again.

Well enough rambling for one day, time to hammer my legs in the gym!!!!!

Love Hilds

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Amazing what a bit of sleep can do!

I'm feeling heaps better after a good 10 hours sleep on Sunday night and then another great nights sleep last night. Its so much easier when I am home and can have a proper routine! On Sunday I felt sooooo average all day I was barely coping due to a serious lack of sleep and the more I tried to sleep the less I could. I'm sure all this flying and lack of sleep is no good for my body, its actually quite frustrating as everything else in my life is aimed towards feeling good, eating well and exercising regularly and then I have this job that contradicts all the good work I put in. Oh well I suppose we can't have it all, my job is great in many aspects as it gives me much more freedom and time off than most jobs, its a no stress job (and I've had the stressful jobs and this is way better), my job also allows me to have a pretty awesome lifestyle and a lot more travel than I would ever be able to do in a 9-5 job. So I suppose its all not that bad and it also allows me to study, not that I have done much lately. I seem to go through stages where I study hard get an exam done and then don't want to look at a book for a few weeks afterwards. Anyway I'm in no rush to finish quickly, I'm trying to enjoy the process this time and it seems to be working. Lately I've had so many ideas on areas I would like to get into in the Health and Fitness industry which is very exciting and makes everything that I'm doing now worthwhile.

So this week is of to a pretty good start, have already crossed of a few training sessions which is always a good feeling. I always try and get the hard ones out the way early. Have planned to do the Blue Arrow at lunch time today, its a 1 1/2 bush walk in Cairns. So Cam is meeting me there after he finishes work, I imagine he will be a tired tiger as he has to get up to start work at 2:45am (not a nice time!). He has already warned me that if I want to speed ahead I'm on my own (he he). So I'm looking forward to the walk, should be drenched with sweat by the end of it, considering its stinking hot today, really not that much different though from any other day in Cairns, its always hot and humid! Tomorrow I have to work and have a Brisbane return, so its a nice and early start for me, I think I need to get up at 3:30am, yuk. I should get back to Cairns about 12 and have booked in for a RPM class at 12:30. I gather its easier to do it straight away as if I go home it will be sooooo hard to motivate myself to do any training later as I'm usually pretty shattered after the early starts, they're nearly worse than the night flights. And then on Thursday I'm on to Japan again, just for something different! Might actually motivate myself to do some study this time. Anyway time to sit in the sun for a while while the weather is so good!

Hilary thanks for the lovely comment and to everyone else who has commented on my article in Women's Health and Fitness! I'm looking forward to seeing some other IBO before and after pics, I'm sure there are lots of people finishing around now!

Have a great day! Hilds

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Feeling a bit flat....

(just wanted to add a pic of me and cam. It was taken at my Chrissy party)

That pretty much sums up how I have been feeling this week. I think it may be due to all the training I'm doing at the moment, my program for these last few weeks is pretty intense and hard to keep up with my work. But its only 5 short weeks to go so I'm just going to keep slogging away at it, although I'm really looking forward to cutting my cardio back a bit at the end of it all.

I flew over to Japan yesterday and felt quite average all day, all my fault mind you. I had a bit of an indulgence on Thursday night. I kept telling myself I deserved it as I have been so good so far and only had two free meals in six weeks, so I had a bit too much apple crumple cake! Oh my god it was good but did I pay for it yesterday, I had stomach cramps and heart burn all day, don't really know what thats about but all I could think of was it must have been the cake! Its amazing how your body reacts when you have been eating quite clean for a while. So anyway moving on and have made sure I have done all my cardio for the week. Had a great session this morning and did my 55minute Steady state on the tready followed by and hour incline on the treaty. It was a bit of an effort but I knew it would be easier to do today than tomorrow, as I only get home about 6am and will be lucky to get 3 hours sleep and still have one weight session to get done for the week! So anyway nearly all over for another week, still need to get my nutrition spot on, don't really know why I struggle with it so much but its always an effort.

Didn't end up getting my free PT session as the trainer cancelled on me!!!!! I thought it was supposed to be the other way around, I was really pissed off as I had gotten up really early to get my interval training out the way and make sure I had enough time for breakie and a relax before my session. Anyway won't be going there for any PT sessions. So as I was a bit disappointed I got Cam to take me through my new Chest & Bicep routine. Well, I don't know if that was a good thing, I'm still soooo sore. I managed heaps of PB as its great having someone spot you, but the bad thing is I now have to maintain, and better the weights I've started out on, bugger! I also did my interval training on the oval, it was quite different but a nice change. I felt a bit odd at first as there was some guys there flying model planes and must of thought I was a bit strange stopping and starting. Although I soon forgot they were there as I was too busy watching the stopwatch the whole time, I really noticed the difference when I jogged home along the road, it felt so hard and my legs were very heavy! I'm glad I wore my old sneakers as they got trashed from the wet oval and lawn clippings.

Oh yeah think I figured out who I saw at the gym the other day, I'm sure it was Jules from the blue team, biggest loser! I'd love to know if it is really her and when she got out and how she is going. She looked better, not super small or anything but I'm sure she's shrunk. Also what is it with some of the contestants on that show, they are given this amazing opportunity and they still can't seem to stop with the excuses, Munalita (don't know if that's how you spell it!) and the girl on the blue team who never stops crying do my head in!!!! I love the commando and how he just says it like it is anyway its great to watch as it gives us something to gossip about! Even Cam sits there and yells at the telly when it's on, quite funny to watch.

Anyway enough rambling for one post, should try and get some rest before my lovely night flight home. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Love Hilds

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Where are the weeks going?

Time is flying lately, I can't believe that it is March already! All is going well with me, have been busy working and training, don't really know what else I've been doing but the days seem to be flying by. Feeling a bit shattered today. I got back late last night from Sydney as I had to go down for a couple of days training for work. I'm glad that its all over and we only have to do our emergency training every six months. As I always get really stressed out about it but its never as bad as you imagine its going to be.

Anyway couldn't seem to sleep in this morning I must have been excited about my new training program. So I got up early and got my high intensity leg session out the way, I love doing it early in the week so I know it is done for another week. After finishing that I decided I might as well get all the hard stuff out the way so I booked myself in for a lunch time RPM class, glutton for punishment today! I think I must have sweated about 2L during the RPM class and my legs felt heavy for the first track which isn't a good thing. And just to top it of I have just finished an hour incline power walk on the tready. So burnt a big 900 calories today, god I love my heart rate monitor. So I'm sure I'll be sleeping well tonight. Tomorrow I have my interval training, so now that the weather has cleared up I'm going to go down the oval and do it rather than on the treadmill, so I should be able to push myself a bit harder. It will be interesting to see the difference. I also scored a free PT session at the gym, so I'm really looking forward to that as I haven't had anyone train me for quite some time, will let you know if I can move after tomorrow.
So as you can tell I'm hitting in hard for my final six weeks aiming for some awesome after photos! I'm looking forward to the after photos as my partner is also doing a 12 week challenge with me so we took couple photos before. Its actually really motivating having your partner to do it with you as it puts the pressure on as you don't want to let the team down.
Oh yeah nearly forgot, I'm sure I saw one of the biggest loser contestants at the RPM class. I can't think of her name but she was in the blue team. I'll have to find out tomorrow if it is her coz my curiosity is killing me!!!! Anyway the biggest loser is on now and I'm hooked. Hope everyone is having a great week. Cheers Hilds

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Been a while.....

Finally back home for a couple of days. I've been away for the last week on a Sydney/Manila trip so its good to be home.

Have had a good week, managed to clean up my nutrition a bit and get all my training done. Although my knee has been playing up a bit so I have had to find alternatives to running and have been mixing it up with the bike, cross trainer and stepper. I struggled a bit at the start of the week as I did my weekly check in with IBO and in 4 weeks I've had absolutely no change in the scale. I know that this is due to many things but its still a little disheartening, but anyway had to kick myself up the butt and get over it and keep moving forwards. I know I have made progress as I'm feeling heaps better, I've just gotta get over that little number on the scale.

Anyway all that aside I'm looking forward to a great week this week. I won't be away as much so it should be a bit easier. I'm working on the wedding invites tomorrow as I decided to do them myself. I've bought all this beautiful paper and designed the invite, its kinda like a holiday ticket (appropriate as its in Thailand!), so want to get them all done tomorrow so I can get them in the post, its all very exciting.

Loving being home this weekend, got home yesterday and went out on a date with Cam. We went to a comedy show which was great and had an awesome night. So its out for coffee now and then its time to get the house sorted after me destroying it yesterday with all my bags. Poor Cam has it all tidy when I get home and it only takes me five minutes to turn it upside down.

Anyway better fly got friends waiting!

Have a great weekend!

P.S Have you seen my big head in the latest Women's Health and Fitness Mag - very exciting!!!! (thanks Sue!)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sticky Date Cake!!!!!

Yes I had some of that last night and oh my god was it rich! I had my first free meal in 4 weeks last night. Being Valentines day and all we treated ourselves to a nice massage and a lovely dinner at home. We had quite a healthy dinner (Salmon Steak, sweet potato mash and salad, my favourite!) but I treated myself to a crunchy white bread roll and butter with dinner, yummy! We even had dessert afterwards, my favourite Sticky date, although I must say I might be losing my sweet tooth! The cake was so sickly rich I thought I was going to be ill, normally I would have just wanted more sweets but not last night. I think I might actually be making some progress, normally sweets would send me into a full sweet binge but last night I was just waiting for my heart to stop jumping out of my chest so I could go to bed. I even had 2 vodkas, its funny when you haven't drank for a while as it hits you so much quicker, I'm quite the cadbury now. After two drinks I was happy to stop and go back to my water, all sounds a bit sad doesn't' it!

Anyway it was a lovely night and I got straight back into it all this morning. Hit the treadmill for my 50min steady state session. I was a bit slow starting of, I think a combination of tired legs from RPM and interval training yesterday and also all the crap I had eaten last night. Anyway after the first 15minutes I was into it and it went pretty quickly and cardio is done for the day. Have got Chest and Biceps tonight and if I have any energy after that might squeeze in a powerwalk. Anyway time to get motivated for the day.

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day! Hilds

Monday, February 12, 2007

Another week down

So another week is over! Overall it was a good week, I completed all my planned training and even managed to add in another RPM class. I actually dragged my partner Cam along as he has never been to a group fitness class before. He hated me all week for booking him in but after the class he absolutley loved it and is ready to go back for more this week (he he, I've got him hooked now!) So as usual training was great, managed to increase my weights a fair bit this week, which was a nice suprise. Training never seems to be a problem other than the usual mind games before a hard training session (already dreading my leg workout tommorrow, but know I will do it anyway!).

Whereas my nutrition is always more of a struggle, I think I just love food to much! Anyway was pretty good all week slipped in 2 x skinny cappaccinnos (becoming a habbit I might have to kick) but didn't really eat of plan. Haven't had a free meal yet or any drinks but actually starting to crave a little treat now. My main problem with my eating is that my portions start to grow in size and I tend to pick in the arvos when I am craving sweets (nothing really bad maybe a bit more protein or cottage cheese but it all adds up). So this week that is going to stop and back to strict portion control (sounds nasty!). Anyway have set aside Valentines day for my free meal. We have planned a couple of massages for us both Wednesday arvo followed by a relatively healthy but free meal and maybe even a couple of glasses of wine. So knowing I have a little treat ahead should keep me motivated this week!

I had to do my weekly checkin yesterday as I was flying out to Japan. So I jumped on the scales to discover I had put on .5kg (I really really really hate scales). So I was really dissapointed with that but kept telling myself that it was only a little number and not to let it get you down. I still find it so frustrating that you can allow a number on a scale effect your mood. So following the horrrific scale incident I decided to get my partner to check my Body fat and measurements. Overall I have lost about 2cm from most places and also dropped about 4% Body fat and I am feeling much better. So as hard as it is I'm ignoring those scales this week and just getting on with it!!!!!

So on to another exciting week! Spending the day in Japan today just waiting for the gym to open as usual. Then I will hit the treadmill for a good hard cardio session followed by abs. Might spend the rest of the day doing a bit of study, time to get stuck in to this next module and then hopefully a little nana nap before the long flight home. Have got my leg workout tommorrow followed by a relaxing stint at the hairdressers. I love getting my hair done as it is one time I can just sit and do nothing for a while and not feel even a little bit bad about it. Anyway enough from me hope everyone else is having a great start to the week. Luv Hilds