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This blog is all about my personal health and fitness journey. I am a qualified personal trainer and run my own Online Personal Training Business - GET ACTIVE ONLINE. I love helping others reach their goals and just feel better about themselves! Last year I competed in the Sports Model Division at the INBA All Female Classic and had a great time and might just do it again! But more on that later.... for now I just love rambling on about the daily adventures of Life!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I'm feeling great at the moment, it's been two weeks since comp and I've managed to get back on track and I'm loving life! My weight and measurements are all pretty much where I was at the week before comp which I'm really happy with.

I'm right back into training and have actually been enjoying it, strangely loving my running at the moment (actually a bit addicted!), I even went for a run on Saturday morning after going out for a Hen's night on Friday and having some bevies (Cam thought I had lost it). I think I could be the new campaigner for exercise, it seriously is better than any medicine out there! I've realised recently that exercise for me is much more than about being fit, lean, healthy etc etc, I actually love exercise for my mental well being. It might sound a bit nutty but I'm such a happier person after a good run and just love those endorphins running through my body, I've got to the point now that I don't even think about not doing it as the mind games wouldn't be worth it.

I introduced some plyometrics into my routine last week (gotta get that wobbly bum in shape) and it hurt to sit all week (not good when I go to the toilet so often), I was still bloody sore by Friday. I've got to do it again tomorrow so I'm hoping I don't pull up as sore as it made my running and spin classes a bit difficult last week. So as usual the training is going along nicely although the nutrition is a bit up and down. I tend to be pretty good throughout the week but have been having one day on the weekend where I allow myself some treats, yesterday it turned into a few too many treats (still a work in progress). So I'm not sure how my day of treats will affect my progress but honestly at the moment I'm really enjoying being "normal" for a while. It's so nice to be able to have a piece of cake if you feel like it and not have to say no to everything. The good thing is I have found that after a day of foods I don't normally eat I'm ready to get back into the good clean food the next day...

So I would love to compete again at the Qld INBA State show in 10 weeks and then at the Nationals but I'm just going to see how the next few weeks pan out. If I can slowly drop a little weight over the next month then I might just do it as I will be in a good place, although I'm not quite prepared to get too strict just yet as I know that I couldn't maintain it, so we will just wait and see!

So all is good from me, I'm loving life and feeling fantastic. We have got lots of exciting things happening over the next few weeks. Tuesday we have friends arriving from Cairns for a couple of days, then more friends coming on Friday night, Saturday we have a big wedding to go to. Then on Sunday I'm off to Cairns for a 6 day trip on Monday, I've got 2 nights in Canberra, 1 night in Melbourne and 2 in Adelaide so I'll get to catch up with the family! Then I've got a weekend in Cairns to catch up with lots of friends, another 4 day trip to Canberra and Perth, home for my Birthday on the 16th and then 2 glorious weeks at home. I've planned a 70's Disco Party for the weekend after my Birthday, I just love theme parties and I love the 70's!

So lots of exciting stuff happening but have already planned all my training regardless of where I am, who says you can't be fit and healthy and live out of a suitcase!
Bye for now, love Hilds

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Time to get back on track!

Mmmmmm all my favourites!!!!

So it's been one week post comp and as I promised myself I've had a full week off from my nutrition plan. I've been a bit of a pig this week, having lots of treats and just enjoying myself socially but the day has come where it has to stop! So today I'm back on track, no more being a pig as if I want to compete in October I can't afford to keep eating crap! I wanted to have a whole week off training and nutrition although I've still been for 3 big runs and a couple of power walks as I just feel better mentally after a good workout! Although I made up for it on the food front, forgot how much I could eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm back into it today, went for a big run and the weights start next week! Nutrition is back on track, I'm actually a bit over all the crap food anyway, I'm looking forward to waking up feeling lean and hungry again (not bloated and sluggish!). I'll be tracking all my food in Calorie King and blogging a lot more just to help me stay on track.

So overall I'm feeling bloated and fat but strangely ok with it as I know after a full week of eating clean and training I'll be ok, I just need to make it through this next week and I'll be feeling a lot more confident with achieving my next lot of goals.

Anyway better keep moving, lots to do!

Love Hilds

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I must say I'm absolutely loving helping others with their Health & Fitness Goals. My online business Get Active Online is going great. One of my very first clients Lee Horton is this months WH&F Mags 12 Week Body Blitz Winner!

So since returning from Comp I've been pretty busy with business stuff, although loving every minute of it. A big thanks to everyone for their comments regarding comp, I just loved everything about comp day and might just do it again yet!

The big challenge at the moment is finding that balance. I've given myself a week of freedom, although struggling a bit with it all. I tend to have a day where I'm really good (trying to be too good most probably) and then a day where I just crave junk! I'm not stressing about it this week as I wanted to give myself a full week not to stress over it. I've managed to go for a couple of big runs and will try and fit two more in before the weeks out. I'm avoiding going to the "actual gym" this week as I need a break.

I would really like to give the Nationals a go in October but it means I'd have to get back into it on Monday (11 weeks out). If I decided to do it I'd want to be a lot leaner this time around plus really work on my stage presence and posing! I do get excited about the thought of doing it again although just wonder if I'll be able to get my mojo back (next week will tell!). I think I've discovered I'm a girl who needs a goal! If I don't have something to work towards I feel a bit lost, I don't know if it's a good or bad thing but it's me. My biggest concern in competing again was my wonderful hubby cam, but he just supports me 100% whatever I want to do so can't use him as an excuse. (Some more fun pics & me getting glued and makeup touch ups back stage, geez I felt like a princess for a day!)
Anyway better keep moving, the sun is shining and I've got some dirty cars to wash (how exciting, not!)

Thanks again to everyone in blog land, your all an amazing support and thanks again for your kind words!

Love Hilds

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I've done it & I had the best time ever!

I can't believe I've finally done it. After wanting to compete for so long I've finally achieved my goal & it was better than I could have ever hoped for.

The whole experience has just been so much fun and I feel so lucky to have met so many amazing people! I don't think the weekend would have been quite so good if we hadn't all stayed in the same place. From Friday onwards it was just fantastic sharing all the lead up and excitment of the day together. My biggest supporter and fan, my amazing hubby Cam didn't arrive until late Friday night after sitting at the airport all day trying to get a flight, he wasn't going to miss it for the world. So once Cam arrived the whole team was there, Di & Gerard, Shar & Paul, Vicki (Hair & Makeup superstar!), Cheryl & Christy, Jenny & her Mum Pat.
Saturday started with Hair & Makeup at early hours, but who can sleep the night before comp anyway! Then it was off to the show for registration and get ourselves sorted.

The first time I had to step on stage I was quite nervous but by the 6th time I was loving it! The day just flew by as there were 3 rounds in Sports Model and I basically had enough time to get changed and I was out there again. I can't even begin to thank everyone for all there help back stage, Vicki was truly amazing, she was there everytime ready to fix my hair and just help out (I felt like a superstar for a day!). Di was the best, without her and my amazing hubby I wouldn't have achieved my goal. Di made the whole process so much fun and nothing has ever been too much trouble. I just feel so lucky to have met and become friends with so many amazing people. Oh my god nearly forgot the cheer squad, you all made my day! I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear with all that cheering going on. THANKS!

My Comp goals were to step on stage and feel confident & to have fun & I well and truly had lots of fun! I know that I have a lot of improvements to make if I want to compete again but the goal this time wasn't about being the best, it was about feeling confident and proud about what 'I' had achieved and truly enjoying the experience. The bonus was I game 3rd in my round and got a trophy to take home. Initially I was quite intimidated by all the other competitors and felt way out of my league, but once I reminded myself I had done the best that I could I stopped comparing myself to everyone else and just enjoyed what I had achieved.

So for me, comp has been a fantastic experience. After comp the weekend was spent catching up with people and eating lots of yummy melbourne food! Oh and the coffee's, I don't know how many coffee's I had but they are sooooo good in Melbourne.

So I'm back home now and back on the good food, couldn't handle much more junk after eating flat out for 2 days. I even went for a run this morning and it felt fantastic! I've decided not to step near the scale for at least a week and then I'll see where I'm at.

I'm toying with the idea of competing in October although need to give it a couple of weeks to see where I'm at.

Anyway enough for one post. I've attached some pics, not the best quality but lots of fun shots!

Keep Smiling, Luv Hilds

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm here!

I've made it to Melbourne and it's bloody cold! I decided to come down a day early as flights were getting full due to school holidays and coz I travel on standby I didn't want to risk it on Friday. I'm just hoping Cam gets on a flight tomorrow.

So I'm just hanging out in my toasty apartment in town, I'm enjoying having the heaters going flat out and just relaxing. Although too much time on my own doesn't seem to be a good thing. I just tried on all my outfits for the comp and I'm not too happy with how I'm looking, I kinda felt better a week ago. I'm hoping once I've tanned up and Saturday arrives I'll be looking better. Obviously I've still got a lot of work to do on my legs and butt but I've done the best I could to get where I am now. It's hard coz I know I don't need to be super lean like the figure girls but it's hard not to compare yourself and next to a figure girl I still feel fat! Anyway enough of the negativity, I think I'm just starting to panic. I've got to keep reminding myself that I'm doing this for me and I've done everything I could to get where I am and I need to enjoy Saturday!
I'm so excited about tomorrow, Cam should get here along with Di & Gerard, I'll get to catch up with Shar and meet her hubby and Christy and Cheryl will also be coming in. I feel for the poor boys caught up in it all (although I don't think many blokes would mind being surrounded by bikini clad girls!).
Anyway that's it from me, most probably won't be checking in until after comp. Thanks Hilary & Selina for your well wishes and I promise photos as soon as I get back home.
Luv Hilds

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Wow how close is it now! I'm excited but getting a bit nervous now, worried about controlling my nerves on the day, will I look ok....... So many things, but overall I'm just excited, IT'S GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN! My biggest goal is to have a blast and enjoy the moment! I still can't quite believe I'm going to finally do it!

I'm finding these last few days tough to say the least. I'm tired, having big cravings, sick of having no energy, generally look and feel like shit! You start to wonder how in 4 short days you are going to feel fantastic, I think one bite of chocolate would do it (he he he, already drooling at the thought).

So I've been keeping myself busy. Sunday was an AWESOME day, we went out for breakfast (I had herbal tea) and then I went on my first chopper ride! Some good friends own Whitsunday Helicopters and were nice enough to take us on a ride over the Gorges, dams and rain forest. We were hunting out cool camping sites, and we found plenty. I loved being in the chopper, so smooth and fun! Although felt a little queasy went we did a few crazy moves, but overall an awesome experience.

Yesterday I ran around like a headless chicken, getting all my comp goodies. I think I'm finally sorted and just need to find a way to fit it all in, I can't believe how much stuff I've got. Having three outfits to sort out plus the Sunday photo shoot is has taken some organising.

I hit the gym early today and got my training out the way as the pampering starts today. Firstly I need to get my waxing out the way and then this arvo it's time for a much needed Hair appointment, I'm hanging out, bring on that head massage!

Tomorrow is my final day of training and then it's off to get my nails done! In between I really want to clean the house. As after comp I'm off to Adelaide for a few days and when i get back I want to be able to finally relax with Cam in a nice clean place!

Anyway time to free this body of all signs of hair! OUCH.....

Keep Smiling, Luv Hilds

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


That describes me at the moment! I should be feeling shattered but instead I can't stop doing things buzzing about with too much energy for what I should have! I'm sure I'm just super excited as the last couple of nights I haven't been able to sleep well either.

I'm enjoying being on holidays for these last few days of comp prep, it is such a relief not to be flying. Although not all rest and relaxation, the business is going along nicely and keeping my just busy enough (don't want too much work for the next 9 days!). So everything is on track for Melbourne, I even started getting clothes out ready to pack (just a little excited). Just waiting on one of my costumes to be altered and everything is all organised.

I'm looking forward to next week as I get to do all the girly stuff. Have booked in to the Hairdresser, need to get my nails done, waxing and lots of time on the beach!!!!! Sounds like the perfect week, except no wine or chocolate.

Anyway nothing exciting happening here, just counting down the days.

Looking forward to meeting lots of bloggers soon.