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This blog is all about my personal health and fitness journey. I am a qualified personal trainer and run my own Online Personal Training Business - GET ACTIVE ONLINE. I love helping others reach their goals and just feel better about themselves! Last year I competed in the Sports Model Division at the INBA All Female Classic and had a great time and might just do it again! But more on that later.... for now I just love rambling on about the daily adventures of Life!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sleep deprived!

Geez I hate the feeling when you are so tired but just can't sleep and you just can't seem to get motivated to do anything! Well this is how I feel today, I always feel pretty crap after a night flight but today I'm feeling very very average. I got in at 6am this morning and crawled into bed where I tossed and turned for three hours before deciding I was over it and was going to get up. Its really strange coz I'm super tired but just can't seem to sleep. So today has just been one big struggle not to overeat and really just survive the day. Haven't done any training as I decided it was best to wait until I could actually put in a decent effort, and I still have enough time this week to get all my training sessions done. So anyway just needed to have a whinge, I'll be over it tomorrow and feeling 100%, amazing what a good nights sleep will do! Anyway hope everyone else has had a far more productive day than myself! Sleep well! Hilds

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Week 3

The weeks just seem to be flying by at the moment. I'm already into week 3 (13 weeks out), things have been going along well until the dreaded flu hit last week. Anyway I took my trusty trainers advice and took 3 full days of training and have managed to get over it quite quickly and back into normal training again. It was a bit of a tough week, only being my 2nd week and having to miss training sessions really did my head in a bit, but I'm slowly learning that there is no point training and getting worse when your body really needs rest. So I survived the week and managed to stay outta the gym long enough to get better.

So I'm back in Japan at the moment, have got a couple of nights here so spent the day browsing the outlet stores and ended up getting a new camera (should have been studying but the shops were calling!). Got a good run in this morning, actually went for longer than I had to as I was on a bit of a roll, did 55mins included 10mins (warm up and cool down), felt a bit shattered afterwards but its a good shattered! So tonight I'm just having a quiet one as the rest of the crew have gone for an all you can eat and drink buffet for 1 1/2 hours, I decided to pike as I wasn't really feeling like it (too hard to explain why I'm not eating all the crap they are!) and all you can eat is a bit wasted on me at the moment! Kinda prefer to save a special treat for when I am at home and can really enjoy it. I'm hoping for a great week of training this week, I really want to push myself a bit harder with the weights and might get Cam to take me through a couple of session. I always find you can push yourself that little bit more with someone pushing you along.
Have also advertised for a housemate this week, seems a bit strange but since I'm going to have a massive house to myself for a while thought I might as well get someone in (I'm a scardy cat on my own). Have been getting a few odd responses so hopefully I can find someone decent, never thought I would be sharing a house again! I'm trying not to stress too much about the next few months as I know it is going to be absolute mayhem, with changing jobs which involves 8 days straight of training in either sydney or melbourne (who knows how I'm going to fit all my exercise sessions in that week). Plus packing up a lot of the house stuff, helping Cam get settled in Mackay, finding a place to live in Mackay, plus still flying to Japan/Manilla and wherever else my roster tells me to go. Also looking after the house in Cairns until I permanently move to Mackay. All this while preparing for two comps and trying to plan my wedding.......arghhhhh. Anyway all exciting and only looking at a couple of weeks ahead at the moment otherwise I start to freak out.

Overall all is going well with comp prep so far although been having a couple of fat, frumpy days this week. Not really sure why, but might need to spend some girly time making myself feel a bit nicer. I think when I don't get any sun for a while I start to feel all pasty and a bit flat, can't ever see myself living anywhere cold and miserable (I would be on antidepressants!).

Well enough babble for one night. Keep smiling everyone. Lots of Love Hilds

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mackay here we come!

We found out yesterday that Cam starts his new position on the 23rd July! I'm so glad he finally knows what's going on as I could sense he was stressing out a bit. So finally we can start making some plans. It looks as though Cam will head down on the 22nd July whereas I'll be in Cairns for a while longer.

I'm still stressing out whether I have made the right decision to stay full time. So at the moment my plan is to keep the house in Cairns until October and then look at moving all the furntiure down. It would just be way too hard to commute full time until I can work out how my new rosters are going to work. At the moment I am still working for Australian Airlines (we look like qantas but where not quite yet!), so my rosters are pretty good with mainly Japans and the odd Manilla thrown in. Although as of September 1 Australian Airlines closes down and we will be employed as Qantas Short haul based in Cairns. Which means we now bid for our trips depending on seniority, which is great if your up the top but if your down the bottom like me who knows what my rosters will end up looking like. I also have 8days training in Melbourne coming up which will be very very long days, so I don't really know how I'll fit all my training in that week, but I'll just deal with it when it comes. I won't even know if I can get the comp dates of until very close to the time but again will just deal with it when the time arises!

So plan is stay in Cairns until about October, then move down to Mackay and apply for part time. Hopefully I can get part time later in the year as then I can finally try and get into doing a bit of personal training work. I'm looking at getting a couple of students in as we live right near the uni. I think I'd be too scared being here on my own all the time! And I will just head down to Mackay when I have a block of days of. So it will be a bit weird not seeing Cam all the time as we spend heaps and heaps of time together. But I'm thinking of it as a positive thing, we can go on lots of dates and it will only be for a few months. Will just make our wedding in January all the more exciting!

So I'm home until Thursday and then of to Japan again, back for the weekend and then of to Japan again for a two night Osaka on Monday. Well better get moving, groceries and washing to be done (all the exciting stuff!).

Have a great week! Hilds

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Funny old Japan!

God Japan makes me laugh! I've done so many trips here now and the things I see never stop amazing me. I was just in the gym and was trying to figure out one of their weight machines, they have lots of different pieces of equipment and some look as old as japan itself. So I thought I'd ask one of the staff how it works, and when I did she just looked at me and shook her head and said I don't know (obviously they don't need the same qualifications to work in a gym as we do in Oz). Anyway had a great cardio session on the treadmill, just did 7km steady state, was dripping with sweat by the time I was done as Japan doesn't like their gyms to be too cold. Its funny you quite often see people still wearing those sweat suits. They also have these things that just shake you around, there is one in the gym that looks like a rodeo bull riding machine, its hilarious to watch people on it. Can't say I'll be jumping on one soon, it looks like all it does is wobble your fat around so everyone can see your wobbly bits!

Anyway have had a great week, all training sessions done and have had an excellent nutrition week as well. I can't even begin to describe how much better I feel after just one week of eating well. I haven't even really craved any junk this week, most probably because I've loaded up on it the last couple and have definitely had my fair share. We even have visitors at the moment and they have been enjoying a beverage or three every night and I haven't even felt like one (just hope that I can feel like this every week). So I'm now 14 weeks out from my first time I step on stage. Still no idea if I will be remotely close to where I want to be by then but just following my trusty trainers advice (superstar poster girl) and will see what happens. I also managed to get another exam out the way, I actually walked out feeling quite good. So only two more modules to go and I'm all done!

Still don't know when Cam has to go to Mackay so I can sense he is a bit edgy with the waiting so I'm quite enjoying having lots of trips at the moment (he he it's the easy way out!). I'm in Japan again today so have squeezed in 2 japan trips and 1 Sydney overnight and still managed to stay on track so I'm pretty happy with that. I have also got my roster for the next month now, so can start planning away! Some awesome news is that I have definitely got the time of to go to Melbourne, hanging out to see my first show. It is going to be so so so exciting as there is so many girls going that I'm looking forward to meeting. Just going to start checking accommodation out now and I suppose I better get some tickets.

Anyway enough rambling for one day, hope everyone is having an excellent weekend.


Monday, June 11, 2007

What a week....

Well last week was suppose to be my relaxing 10 days at home, it didn't quite work out that way! After a lovely weekend of indulging we decided to get motivated and paint the lounge room. Don't know quite why as we were just out for coffee and next minute we are at mitre 10 buying paint and getting stuck into it. So after painting the lounge room I decided it looked so good that I would paint the rest of the place (don't know what i was thinking!). Anyway after a full week of painting, putting in new lights and getting new carpet in the bedrooms the place looks fantastic. Only as soon as I had finished and packed that paint brush away we found out we are moving to Mackay! (have already harrassed Selina for all the inside information, thanks Selina)

Anyway its been an event filled week, with moving news, cams graduation and lots of planning as to what to do. So i'm feeling very fat and frumpy after a week of finding any reason to have a drink or eat crap! But on a good note it all ended on Saturday as I started my new program on Sunday and I'm loving the good stuff again. I can't believe how much better you feel when you eat well, my body just doesn't handle the crap food very well. I don't sleep well and I lack energy big time. So I'm in comp prep mode, still can't fathom the idea of getting on stage but I just not even thinking about that just yet. I've got Di keeping me on track and it's just awesome having someone who you admire help you get to where you want to be. I find it so much easier to stick to a plan and do well when I have someone telling me exactly what to do.

So I've got a very busy week ahead, the price I had to pay for having a week at home. I'm in Japan now about to fly home, back home Tuesday morning and have got my next exam booked in for Wednesday (lots of studying to be done tomorrow). Then i'm of to Sydney on Thursday, back on Friday and of to Japan again on Saturday. So I've had a bit of planning to do this week to make sure I get all my training in around it all. We have also got Cams parents arriving on Thursday for two weeks, its going to be tough not being able to drink but I'm sure I'll cope (sound like an alcoholic!).

Anyway gotta fly (literally).

Will check in soon with progress reports.

Cheers Hilds

Friday, June 01, 2007

My little sisters Wedding pics!

Well I've finally got some pics of my little sisters wedding! It's great to look back over them as it was such a great weekend, or should I say two weekends! They had the reception with immediate family only one weekend followed by a big party the next weekend! It was so much fun and I overindulged on both occasions!!!!!! (but what are weddings for!)

Love Friday's

Gotta love Friday's! Even though I don't work Monday to Friday I still love Friday's, I think its because everyone is in a better mood as they know the weekend is just around the corner.

So far today is of to a great start. I forced myself outta bed at 6:30 for my 45min jog. Its hard to make myself get up early sometimes as I don't really have anywhere to be so I could quite easily sleep in. Not that my body will let me sleep in as the guilt seems to creep in and before I know it I'm crawling out of bed and putting those sneakers back on! Had a great run this morning, bit of a struggle to get going as legs were a bit sore from my high intensity leg training yesterday but once I got into it and had the Ipod going full bore I was ok. My morning run is so worth the awesome feeling when I've finished, it really gets things moving for the day (he he if you know what I mean, sorry to be gross in the morning!). Anyway on to brighter topics.

Have planned to go out for a couple of bevie's tonight as we haven't gone out for ages! So might head down to the beach for a couple and then I've planned to be Chef for the night! Since we eat pretty simply throughout the week I thought it was about time I got creative and made something different. So Cam has chosen Spaghetti Di Mare and Apple Strudel (reminds us of our trip to Austria, ate strudel everyday!) for dessert! So a bit of a carb/fat fest tonight (glad I ran a bit faster this morning, he he).

I'm also catching up with a girlfriend for coffee today, god I love being home! I can't describe how good it feels not to be shattered from lack of sleep and be able to maintain a bit of a routine even if it is only for one week. I'm going to have a pretty relaxing weekend just catching up with friends. Because as of Monday I need to get some serious study in, as my next exam is booked for Thursday and I haven't really been doing much study. I'm not a lover of study, I love learning but just hate the whole exam thing!

Well anyway time to get motivated for the day!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

Love Hilds