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This blog is all about my personal health and fitness journey. I am a qualified personal trainer and run my own Online Personal Training Business - GET ACTIVE ONLINE. I love helping others reach their goals and just feel better about themselves! Last year I competed in the Sports Model Division at the INBA All Female Classic and had a great time and might just do it again! But more on that later.... for now I just love rambling on about the daily adventures of Life!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009


That's the way life seems to be at the moment! Either flat out or not much going on and the last week has been crazy! I started a 6 day trip flying all over the place, it had big days, most days about 9 1/2 hours and that doesn't include transport to and from the airport. So to say I was buggered was an understatement. Most days I only got to see outside when leaving the hotel and getting out at the airport, which is a bit sad but considering all my work for the month was done in 8 days this month, I shouldn't really complain. Anyway it seems whenever I'm away living my flight attendant life, the Online Trainer side of things seems to get really busy, which is awesome, but left me a little weary last week. I did still manage to get in a training session every second day but a lot less than I usually like to do!
So after a six day trip I'm usually feeling a bit average due to not enough sleep, training or good food. So yesterday I started the revamp and spend three hours at the hairdresser, which is actually a bit of an effort for me considering I'm not very good at sitting around. By the end of it I was starving and hanging to get home although all worth it as the horror regrowth has gone.
Anyway I stayed up in Cairns yesterday as I was trying to get some more flying work this weekend and lucky enough I did! So today I'm off to Perth, just have to sit on my bum all day as I'm paxing over (going as a passenger) and then work Sat, Sun and pax back home, not bad!
So it looks like 2009 is off to a great start. I'm on a mission to clear some credit card debt and as such more than happy to work my butt off.
Anyway time to get ready for work, have a fabulous day!

Monday, January 12, 2009

What is my body doing?????

The boys playing games! (Damo, Steve & Cam)
A couple of pics from Sat night (me & the Birthday girl, Nene)
Well another day and I'm still feeling average, it's like I've got constant heartburn even when I haven't really eaten much. It's really strange as it hurts to just move and I seem to be peeing every 5 minutes although drinking less than usual. So I haven't done any training today as I just couldn't imagine picking up a weight or running as it's hard just to walk around today. I'm hoping after a day of rest and little plain food I should be all good. Although I am in the process of tracking down a good naturopath so I can really start to get to the bottom of my body issues, it was reassuring to know I'm not alone in the irregular period issue although it's time for me to stop complaining and just get to the bottom of it all!
I've got a busy week of stuff planned so will just have to cram it into more days as I'm not doing much at all today. We have our one year wedding anniversary on Wednesday so we are going out for Thai food and I've also got a copy of our beach wedding video and put it on to dvd so we can watch it, Cam hasn't seen it, so it should be fun and bring back all of the good memories. On Thursday I'm heading up to Cairns, well hopefully as long as the airport isn't rained in. I've organised an inspection of our house in Cairns as well. It should be interesting to see what state it is in and how run down it's all looking. Then on Friday I'm off on a 6 day trip for work, it's a pretty busy one with lots of flights, I think I have one night in Perth and the other four in Melbourne, the good thing is that I only have 1 or 2 super early starts so I should be able to sqeeze in a workout before I fly out each day.
So today I'm sorting through piles of cd's and dvd's that I have laying around with absolutley no idea of what is on them, plus I've got to get the venue finalised for our School Reunion and start inviting everyone.
Anyway sorry pretty boring today! Hope everyone is having a much more exciting day!
Love Hilds

Sunday, January 11, 2009


It seems that the only downside to eating well most of the time is that when it comes to enjoying a few treats my body reacts badly! Last night we had friends over for drinks and nibbles, it was a great night, finishing off with a very funny game of celebrity heads.

Anyway back to my treat issue! I had made lots of healthy snacks last night as I'm sick of just having chips and cheese as the only options. So I had made a yummy Tuna, cottage cheese and sweet chill dip plus my favourite Vietnamese cold rolls and chicken satays. So nibbles were pretty good although I did indulge in a few too many vodka's and saved my big treat for some carrot and mud cake, although after having some cake on top of my drinks I was left with severe heartburn and couldn't sleep all night! It's so frustrating as I really wanted to enjoy my cake but it seems my body just didn't want it as much as my mind did. So I had a crap night sleep and still today seem to be suffering from heart burn and I've been back on track, eating well all day! Not sure if it's my body just getting a bit more sensitive or what, but just shows that I really can't eat much crap anymore.

So today is just a chill out day, finally taking it easy and having a whole day off training. It's perfect weather for relaxing as it seems to be constantly raining this weekend. So I'm looking forward to feeling 100% rested tomorrow and full of energy for another awesome week of training. I'm hoping to clean up my nutrition even more next week as I seem to be making slow gradual progress but just want to crank things up a notch!

Hope everyone is having a nice relaxing Sunday!

Friday, January 09, 2009


Yes, if you didn't know I'm a bit of a people watcher. I just love going out for coffee with my hubby and watching all the people wander by, it's just so amazing how different everyone is.

Today I actually took a minute or two to have a look around the gym. Normally I don't notice anyone and am in my little zone! Anyway it was rather interesting and quite amazing to see such a variety of individuals all in the one area all working towards their own little goals. There was the normal "big blokes" lifting heavy, grunting and watching their muscles in the mirror, the "rough boys", remember I'm in Mackay so a few bikie looking, bandanna wearing blokes, the "pretty girls", the women I see who look just pristine, not a drop of sweat, co-ordinated clothing and quite trim looking, the "Mums", there to work out a bit but also catch up for a chat. I think I even saw a man who looked like he was in his 70's, and then there is the ones who I love seeing the most, the quite large (or you could say overweight) individuals who have been brave enough to step foot in this unique environment and make a start to getting healthier and feeling great! I know for someone who has never been to a gym before it can be very very daunting and I just love it when I see new people getting in there and giving it a go. It's funny I even get a bit funny about going back to the gym if I'm feeling a bit out of shape after holidays so for anyone with lots of weight to lose I think it is just awesome that they are there. And what's funny is that most people are so into their own thing and too pre-occupied with what they are doing to even care who else is there. Anyway that's just my little observation this morning as it seems the gym gets quite busy these time of year with all of the "New Year Get Fit" people, quite frustrating for me as it means it's busier but good on them for getting started, I just hope they keep it up.

This morning I also caught up with the gym owner as for a while now myself and the a few other Spin regulars have been so frustrated at paying an extra $5 per class for Spin when everything else in the gym is included (except Spin). I just find this amazing as no other gym I know charges extra for spin. Cam & I worked out that it was costing us $50 a week just to go to the gym. Don't get me wrong I love my health & Fitness but it gets so frustrating sometimes when it all costs so bloody much, between gym, good food and supplements it seems we are working to just to stay fit and healthy. So I had a chat to the owner and the good news is it looks like it might be reduced. It was a bit annoying that it was me who had to mention something though as everyone else whinges and no one says anything and I used to work there and doesn't look too good coming from me, anyway done now and hopefully will be reduced so I can go back to 3 x Spin Classes, yehaa!
So it's lunch time and I'm still sitting here in my sweaty gym stuff, it always seems like such an effort to shower and wash and dry the hair after the gym, sometimes I wish I had super short hair which took 5 minutes to get ready, not a stupid mop of curly out of control hair!
Anyway time to do the shower thing!

Thursday, January 08, 2009


It seems there is so much talk about whether to have carbs or not too, what level is good, how many carbs is too much? One big thing I have learnt over the last few years is that everyone is so individual and what suits one doesn't necesarily suit another. I absolutley hate it when someone tells someone else what they should do! It's so important to find out what works for your body and find something that works for you.
I'm one of those people who seems to have a real issue with too many carbs, I just bloat up like a balloon and feel like crap. This year I'm trying to get down a few kg's and stay there all year, but my ultimate goal is to do it sensibly! So I've been trying a bit of a carb cycle routine, I'm alternating between 3 days mod carb (about 70g, 1200 - 1300 cals) and 1 day high carb (about 150g, 1600-1800 cals). Yesterday was my high carb day and I was so looking forward to it although I felt worse than I had all week, it actually just made me more hungry and felt like crap and it was all good carbs (oats, sweet potato & brown rice), the only bonus was I seemed to have a bit more energy during my Spin class this morning! I think for me 70g carbs a day is heaps, even less seems to work ok, as long as I can have my oats in the morning I seem to be happy! I actually prefer having a few more good fats included rather than more good starchy carbs. Anyway I'll give it until Monday and see how I feel at the end of a whole week but I don't even feel a smidgen better than when I started, but not going to make any judgements just yet. I do get very frustrated as my body just doesn't seem to respond too well! It takes me eating super low carb and heaps of cardio for me to seem to get anywhere close to being lean.
I'm not sure whether it's my hormones being out of whack as since I've been off the pill (1 year now), I've had about 4 periods! I keep feeling like they are going to come, get bloated and start to get excited that they might be coming but never seems to happen, kinda like having PMS all the time but no end in sight. So my focus is to get this body of mine sorted! Although where to start is a bit unknown, I'm not that keen of Doctors as they just tend to hand out drugs and it's not fixing the problem at all just treating the symptoms.
So as much as I keep thinking about competing this year I really really need to get my body sorted, especially if I want to have a baby in the near future. Does anyone else out there have very irregular periods? Most friends of mine are all like clockwork and can't understand why mine aren't! Anyway no point whinging about it, just got to get to the bottom of it.
Anyway better get motivated, todays goal is to get our place looking spick and span as I've been neglecting cleaning big time, I'm definatly not a very good housewife!
Have a great day everyone! Cheers, Hilds

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Off to a good start!

So far 2009 is off to a good start! I'm home for over a week so I can actually have a bit of a routine, yeeha! I've been up early each day and have been hitting the gym, this morning was my first Spin Class for the year & I loved it. Although I must say it was pretty damm hard after a few weeks of no spin and today was supposedly an easy class.
I've been back on track with my nutrition although I always find I'm ravenous all day after a good spin class. I can go for an hour run and not get half as hungry as I do after Spin, anyway I've survived the day and hanging out for tomorrow which is mod/high carb day, mmmm more oats! Its sad when you hang out for more oats, I think my breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, Oats and Evolve Chocolate Slow whey, yumm.
Anyway I'm on a bit of a mission to shed a few kilos that have crept on over the festive season. So I've put a plan in place and now I just need to stick to it! I'll check in on Saturday and see how I've been going, I don't like jumping on the scales more than once a week.
Things are busy this week, I'm on a mission to get my School Reunion sorted. Don't really know what I got myself into but I knew it would never happen if I didn't organise it. So I'm trying to organise a Reunion in Adelaide for late March! So not a great deal of time for me to get my shit together and get as many people as possible together, can't wait, it's going to be so much fun. I'm also busy with the Get Active Online as everyone wants to get into shape after Chrissy and New Years seems to be the best time to start.
I also want to do a bit of a Spring Clean this week although it seems to be last on the list for things that I want to do!
Anyway time to put the computer away and chillout for a bit before an early night!
Cheers, Hilds