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This blog is all about my personal health and fitness journey. I am a qualified personal trainer and run my own Online Personal Training Business - GET ACTIVE ONLINE. I love helping others reach their goals and just feel better about themselves! Last year I competed in the Sports Model Division at the INBA All Female Classic and had a great time and might just do it again! But more on that later.... for now I just love rambling on about the daily adventures of Life!!!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

9 weeks to go!!!

Ok so its crunch time! I've only got 9 weeks until we head over to Thailand to get married. Obviously I want to look and feel fantastic for my wedding but for some reason I just can't seem to get my shit together at the moment. I've been training really hard and eating really well most of the time, although when the weekend hits I seem to really struggle. Friday night and Saturday were pretty average food wise this week and I feel like I am constantly taking a step backwards as soon as I start to make some progress. You'd think having the wedding so close would keep me motivated but I just can't seem to stay on track for more than a week!
So anyway here I am back blogging hoping it will keep me a bit more accountable. In my first week I managed to get rid of about 10cm although too scared to take my measurements this week as I feel like a puffer fish after all the carbs I've had. Anyway will check them tomorrow and will start blogging my progress to keep me on track. Well now I've got that of my chest, the rest of my life is going really well. I'm managing to combine part time flying with working in a gym when I am not flying. I'm enjoying the variety at the moment, although not used to have so little time to myself and getting up at 5am for training is killing me!
Well anyway will update soon with progress reports and maybe even some pics if I'm feeling brave.
Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!