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This blog is all about my personal health and fitness journey. I am a qualified personal trainer and run my own Online Personal Training Business - GET ACTIVE ONLINE. I love helping others reach their goals and just feel better about themselves! Last year I competed in the Sports Model Division at the INBA All Female Classic and had a great time and might just do it again! But more on that later.... for now I just love rambling on about the daily adventures of Life!!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

On a roll!

I'm having a great week. I seem to have all this energy this week and have managed to get in heaps of training and actually enjoying it all (well nearly all of it!). I'm also finding my eating is a breeze this week, I just wish every week was like this. I don't really know why I'm feeling like this, maybe after being sick last week it just feels great to be healthy again. Have managed to get in two spin classes, a pump class, a couple of runs and have been up the hill powerwalking every afternoon, oh and weights twice! I seem to have my motivation back and I'm loving it.

Work is frustrating me at the moment as I'm on reserve this month, which means I cannot plan anything. I was suppose to go to the Gold Coast this weekend for an engagement party but it has turned out I'm on reserve all weekend so tied to the house. Oh well Cam will get to enjoy the five star resort all on his own! So since I can't go this weekend we have planned a night at Sea Temple Port Douglas on Monday night. This is to celebrate our 4 year anniversary plus Cam got a new job, so we will be cracking the bottle of Moet which has been sitting in the fridge for a while now! So I'm going to be a good girl all weekend so I can enjoy the pool, spa and moet on Monday night ( I can't wait!). Cheers Hilds

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Been Busy!

Sorry its been a while, have been a bit flat out! Had heaps of trips in a row so I could enjoy a few days off when our visitors arrived. I had my 14 year old nephew and also Cam's sister and her friend up for the last week. So as you do I have been out and about doing all the touristy things. Its good to have visitors every now and then as it makes you get out and enjoy all the local things you should do more often. We all went out to Green Island snorkeling for the day, which was great, although a bit too much sun for everyone. Another day was spent at the Bungy site (I didn't brave a jump although walked to the top and watched Alice jump off!) I think I might actually do one soon, never had the inclination before although it was very exciting up the top. Also took my nephew to the mountain bike track, which he rode around and I jogged, thought I was a little lost for a while but managed to find my way out! So along with a few more outings and a quick trip to Brissie for me it was a pretty busy week. Topped of by a big night out on the town for my good friends 30th Birthday. So Saturday was spent feeling very sorry for myself, yes I was extremely hungover! Followed by a trip to Japan on Sunday when I still felt extremely tired and very run down, and now to top it all off I managed to get a cold (always happens when I don't look after myself!). So have had to take a few days off training which is killing me but unfortunately the only way I will get over this cold. Tomorrow I am going to go for a powerwalk and start to ease back into my training. Its sooo frustrating as my training has been going really well. Have actually joined a gym and started going to spin and body pump each week. Still struggling a fair bit to get my nutrition spot on, seem to be great one week and then constantly struggling the next. I just keep plodding along trying to do the best I can, it is definitely much easier with no visitors to look after. So the goal is at the moment to just take each day as it comes and focus on clean eating and keep the training interesting! Definitely feeling much better than when I first got back from holidays, so will keep up the hard work and continue to get inspiration from all the other bloggers out there. Will update again soon. Luv Hilds