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This blog is all about my personal health and fitness journey. I am a qualified personal trainer and run my own Online Personal Training Business - GET ACTIVE ONLINE. I love helping others reach their goals and just feel better about themselves! Last year I competed in the Sports Model Division at the INBA All Female Classic and had a great time and might just do it again! But more on that later.... for now I just love rambling on about the daily adventures of Life!!!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tired today....

Can't say I like getting up at 3:30am it really throws me out for the rest of the day. I had an early flight today and as such am struggling a bit today. Have managed to stick to nutrition plan although maybe just a little bit too much cottage cheese today. Have decided to have a rest day from exercise as I didn't have one last week. Sometimes I find it a bit of a struggle to do no exercise as it always makes me feel more alive after training, but I think my body is telling me a day off will do me better. Legs are pretty heavy and sore from yesterdays workout, so I'm hoping a rest will give me heaps more energy for my session tommorrow. Have spent the arvo studying as my exam got put off until tommorrow morning so just doing a bit of last minute revision ready for tommorrow. Also found out today that i should get time off for the wedding in January, so getting really excited about it now. It is going to be sooooo exciting having the whole family and friends over in Thailand at once! Anyway just a short one today, feeling a little flat, a good nights sleep is in order. Hilds

Monday, January 29, 2007


Yes well that says it all! Just finished my leg workout and fifty million pop squats later and the legs are just a little wobbly. I don't really hate pop squats as I know my butt will be loving them in the long run, I just hope I'm not too sore tommorrow. Anyway it was an awesome leg workout, I actually put my Heart Rate monitor on this time as it feels more like a cardio routine and to no suprise my Heart Rate sat up around 80%. I decided to get it out the way early on as I knew if I left it until this arvo I would be dreading it all day. So training is all done and dusted for today, time to go out shopping!

Also just a quick update on week 1:

Nutrition: Great, still sturggled a bit on my night flight home but did ok. Avoided having a free meal this week, no alcohol or coffee either.

Training: All sessions completed

Weight: Lost .6kg
So overall a great week, not feeling much different yet but its only early days so I will just keep plodding along.

Thats it for today! Cheers Hilds

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Waiting for the gym to open!!!!!

Hope everyone had a great Australia Day! I spent it flying over to Japan, so didn't really feel much like a holiday. But anyway here I am just waiting in my hotel room for the gym to open. It doesn't open until ten which is a bit frustrating as I like to get straight up and get my cardio out the way. Whenever I have to wait those horrible reasons why I don't want to go creep into my thoughts, although I still know regardless I'll do it anyway. The feeling of not doing my training is worse than any reason I may have come up with for not doing it. So anyway just a quiet day today, hoping to get some more study done as my exam is booked in for Monday morning. I've discovered I'm definitely not one who loves study, I love to learn although hate the formal study, but oh well has to be done! So anyway nearly at the end of week one, I've had a great week so far, managed to get all my training done and clean eats all week, haven't even had a coffee! Can't say I'm feeling just fabulous yet but I know I just have to be patient. Its funny as this time around I am trying to only have a free meal and drinks if I really need them, and it is actually much easier. As last time I spent all week thinking about the treats I was going to have at my free meal and it made you crave them all the more. Whereas now I'm not even craving a drink or chocolate as I know I can have it but don't really want it, strange I know. I'm sure there will be times when I do but I will enjoy my little treats all the more then.
Its great weather in Japan at the moment, nice and cold such a great change from hot and very humid Cairns. We have been getting a lot of rain lately and I've had the aircon on most of the time so most of my training has been done in the airconditioned gym!!!!! When I have ventured outside for a walk I end up soaked either from sweat or rain, gotta love this time of year. So only another 1 1/2 hours and the gym should be open, yah (sad isn't it!). Anyway will check in on Monday and let you know how the scales liked my first week back into it!!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Pics

Lucy & Matt at the beach

Tina & Pauli

Trying to post pics!!!!!

Dillon, Luke & Me

Tina & Me

Me & my sister Lucy

Jas at her best!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Week 1 Day 2

Well its only early days but all is going well! I've clicked into the positive mindset and know that I will achieve my goals I just have to put in a bit of hard work along the way. I'm already feeling quite sore, I did my new leg routine yesterday and it was a killer!!! It felt more like an intense cardio session than the weights I am used to, If it doesn't get my butt into shape I don't know what will. Also just finished of a big bushwalk including heaps of hills/stairs which was a bit of a struggle with my sore legs, but 1 1/2 hours later and I felt great! Will be an early night tonight as I had to get up at four thirty for work this morning so will be struggling to make it until nine (its a bit sad isn't it!). Anyway eats have been great, although have been hanging out for my next meal each time. I'm trying to be more aware of my portion sizes and not letting little bits creep in here and there and all is going well so far. Had some frustrating news today, we got our holiday bid form from work and I'm number 249 so I have a very very very slim chance of getting the holidays I need for our wedding in 2008. Plus it also means if I can get them in Jan that I won't get any holidays until then which will kill me. Anyway will have to talk to the big boss and do some begging and see what happens!!!!!!! On a more positive note I have been studying hard and set my exam for my next module in my Cert 4 in fitness for next Monday, so I'll be busy studying until then...... Well enough from me tonight I better get back to whinging to my partner about how sore I am (he he he)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Fun, Fun Fun!

Oh my god what a busy busy week, but it was all worth it coz I had a ball! I went down to Hervey Bay last Saturday to visit my best friend Tina. I hadn't seen her for about a year and hadn't even met her new hubby yet, she had a bit of a quick surprise wedding last year. So it was awesome to spend the night with her and meet her hubby, who is absolutely lovely. But since we hadn't seen each other for a while the drinks started flowing and before you know it your having a few too many...... So the next day we just hung out and she showed me around Hervey before I had to fly out. She put me on one of the aircraft she flies over to Fraser Island and then down to Maroochydore. It was an awesome flight on the little 8 seater aircraft (I'm used to the 200+ seat aircrafts) got to see a bit of Fraser Island and check out the coast on the way down to Maroochydore.

When I got to Maroochy my brother inlaw was there waiting to pick me up to take me to see the rest of the family in Moloolaba. They were holidaying there up from Adelaide. So I got to spend some time with my sis Lucy and her kids Dillon, Jasmin and Luke. It was so good to see them all as I miss them so much living in Cairns. Anyway same thing happened this day, as soon as I arrived I had a drink in my hand and it just never seemed to stop!!!!!! Wow did I feel like dying the next day, I can't even remember the last time I consumed so much alcohol and I can't say I miss it!!!!!!! The next day was spent in the pool, on the beach and just lazing around (about all I could manage!). So it was an early night the next night and a quiet dinner out, no drinks of course. So after all the eating and drinking we forced ourselves to go for a run the next day but I think I am only now feeling normal again (five days later)!!!! I got back to Cairns on Tuesday feeling a bit worse for wear only to have to pack the bags again to go to Japan, and finally I am home for a few very healthy, active but relaxing days at home, yippeeee!

All in all it was worth it as I had an amazing time and got to spend time with some of my most precious people in my life. So now the fun is out of the way, I'm really really really excited to be starting a new program with Sue from IBO, Michelle will be my feedback coach and I start on Monday. Did I say how excited I am! Its funny when you finally find a lifestyle you love when you go back to old ways for a while it only reinforces why you live the way you live now. I can't even imagine going back to the days of drinking every weekend and half hearted exercise attempts. I'm trying not to beat myself up about my excessive eating and drinking while away and just got straight back on track as soon as I was home. My new program starting on Tuesday should be great, I love it when I have a program to follow as it makes me so much more disciplined just the fact that someone else has written it for me and I will be accountable to someone else.

So here goes another 12 weeks, I am hoping for even better results this time as I know what is possible! One last bit of exciting news is that my little sister Sarah is getting married in April. She just told the family last weekend after getting back from her holiday in New Zealand and getting engaged. They were all a bit surprised and excited that is was so soon, although I have known for a few months now and it has been killing me keeping the secret, so its a nice relief for me. So I will be all finished my 12 weeks by her wedding and will be able to buy myself a nice new outfit (any excuse for shopping). So I'll be down to Adelaide in April for the wedding and possibly the following weekend for their big party to celebrate the wedding, here goes the savings plan already, oh well your little sister doesn't get married every day!!!

Will check back in soon with reports on how the new challenge it going.

Cheers Hilds
P.S will post some pics of my little mini holiday!

Friday, January 12, 2007


Well its been a few days now and I'm still feeling very average. I haven't trained since Monday and have been resting up and doing all the right things and am still not back to normal. It is soooo frustrating I'm not very good at being patient and am really hanging out to do some training again, its funny when you can't train its all you want to do, and when you have to train you try and do everything possible to put it off. I got back from Sydney today and had a nanna nap this arvo and just going out to dinner for mexican tonight and hopefully an early one. I'm praying i'll wake up feeling fabulous tommorrow as I am going down to Hervey Bay to visit my best friend. I've been looking forward to this weekend for ages and feeling very annoyed that i'm not 100%, so anyway spending the night in Hervey and then down to Maroochydore for another 2 nights to see my sister and her family who are on holidays. Then back up to Cairns on Tuesday only to fly out to Japan on Wednesday, back on Friday for a very relaxing weekend at home with my lovely man Cam! I'm feeling tired thinking about it, but it should all be worth it. Anyway will be back next week with my weekend fun update!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back home!

Well I'm finally back home after my 6 day trip and wow I love coming home. Had a great week last week, managed to get back into things full swing. Fitted in all my training while I was a way plus a lot of extra running (I'm a bit hooked on my heart rate monitor at the moment), don't think I've ever run that much before. My heart rate monitor continuously beeps at me until I am in the zone, so it kinda motivates you to get in the zone pretty quickly and stay there so you don't annoy the other people at the gym, not that I can normally hear it as I have my music on quite loud!!! Also managed to fit in all my weight training sessions as there was an awesome gym at the hotel in Manila, so no excuses for skipping any sessions. Manila was interesting, didn't really see too much as we were only there for two days, so mainly enjoyed the hotel pool and gym as I didn't really feel too safe walking around by myself. The hotel was great though and they had this amazing buffet, seriously the biggest one I have ever seen in my life. So of course we all had to go check out the buffet and I made that my free meal, I was actually extremely well behaved and walked away not feeling overly full (major accomplishment for me!), the food at the buffet was sensational and they had everything you could imagine. The desert buffet alone was bigger than any buffet I have seen in oz! So now that I have tried it don't think I'll be going back, the temptation is a little bit too big. So anyway overall last week was a good one and managed to loose .9kg with buffet and all!

This week has got of to a very frustrating start, I arrived back in Cairns yesterday and went straight to the red arrow (a small bushwalk with heaps of steps), I did three laps which took me about 40minutes. It was a great effort considering it was sooo hot and humid and I walked away drenched. Yesterday arvo I had planned on doing weights although started to feel a bit average and feel like I've got a cold. So no training yesterday arvo and nothing today in the hope that I will get some energy back for tomorrow and be able to get back into it full swing. It is so frustrating when you want to train hard but your body just doesn't seem to agree. I have learnt though that it is much better to have a days rest and get better than to half heartily exercise and feel worse at the end of it all. So here's hoping that I wake up tomorrow feeling fabulous all set for a big run!

Some other very exciting news for me is that I am a NEW YOU finalist with IBO, I was so excited to find out because there are so many awesome transformations it is pretty cool to be a finalist. Well anyway that's it for now, hopefully will be reporting back soon in full health. Cheers Hilds

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Back into it today! Managed to get a run, spin and Body Pump class done and wow am I feeling tired now. For Chrissy I got a polar heart rate monitor and its funny but I'm actually loving all my cardio now (well maybe not the spin class this morning it was very hard!) I get a buzz out of checking where my heart rate is at and how all of my different cardio sessions match up with what I thought I was doing. I also downloaded some songs onto my ipod last night and made a great running playlist, I don't even think I could go for a run without it now. I also got some new asics in the Boxing Day sales and they are just the best. I love asics as they just fit perfect straight away. So I'm all set with my fancy gadgets and training clothes so I have no excuses now.

My nutrition has been going well, struggling a bit must be sugar withdrawals after all the sweet treats I've been eating over Chrissy! Anyway just been getting organised as I head of tomorrow have a 6 day trip to Sydney & Manila. I've been so used to my 3 day trips that it was a bit of an effort trying to organise all my healthy food to take and what training I can fit in. All sorted now and finally managed to sit down and veg out for a bit, I've got to get up about 4am so hopefully I can get to sleep early. Otherwise I'll be having a nanna nap tomorrow. Oh nearly forgot I got to buy some new sports tops today, I was feeling a bit daggy at the gym so I'm all set now. Well anyway that's it from me I'll check back in after my trip and will tell you how good I have been (he he trying this positive thinking thing!)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!

Well another year over and another exciting year ahead. Last year was a fantastic year and I managed to achieve many of my goals. I successfully finished my 12 Week Challenge, went over to Austria and Germany which I have wanted to do for many years, started my Personal Training certificate, turned thirty and had a lot of fun doing so! and also managed to get engaged to the best man ever! So overall 2006 was an excellent year for me. I know that 2007 will be just as good and I always get really excited about starting a new year.

So I have kick started the New Year in a healthy way for a change. I had a quiet night at home last night, just enjoyed a bottle of bubbly in the spa with Cam. I think it is the first year ever I haven't woken up feeling hungover and definitely the first year I have ever got up on New Years day and gone for a run and I must say I quite like the feeling! So I am of to a good start, after a slack couple of months and an indulgent Chrissy I am ready to get back into it all. I have set all my goals for 2007 and excited about achieving them all. Right up the top of the list is another 12 week challenge, I've enlisted Sue's help again and will be starting my next challenge on the 22nd of Jan. So I will be blogging a lot more and touching base with others to help keep me on track. I've set my goals a bit higher this time as I know I can achieve it after successfully completing my last one. I think it is a bit daunting though knowing what it takes although exciting at the same time. So anyway that's my New Years news. Will be back soon! Happy New Years everyone.