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Monday, January 12, 2009

What is my body doing?????

The boys playing games! (Damo, Steve & Cam)
A couple of pics from Sat night (me & the Birthday girl, Nene)
Well another day and I'm still feeling average, it's like I've got constant heartburn even when I haven't really eaten much. It's really strange as it hurts to just move and I seem to be peeing every 5 minutes although drinking less than usual. So I haven't done any training today as I just couldn't imagine picking up a weight or running as it's hard just to walk around today. I'm hoping after a day of rest and little plain food I should be all good. Although I am in the process of tracking down a good naturopath so I can really start to get to the bottom of my body issues, it was reassuring to know I'm not alone in the irregular period issue although it's time for me to stop complaining and just get to the bottom of it all!
I've got a busy week of stuff planned so will just have to cram it into more days as I'm not doing much at all today. We have our one year wedding anniversary on Wednesday so we are going out for Thai food and I've also got a copy of our beach wedding video and put it on to dvd so we can watch it, Cam hasn't seen it, so it should be fun and bring back all of the good memories. On Thursday I'm heading up to Cairns, well hopefully as long as the airport isn't rained in. I've organised an inspection of our house in Cairns as well. It should be interesting to see what state it is in and how run down it's all looking. Then on Friday I'm off on a 6 day trip for work, it's a pretty busy one with lots of flights, I think I have one night in Perth and the other four in Melbourne, the good thing is that I only have 1 or 2 super early starts so I should be able to sqeeze in a workout before I fly out each day.
So today I'm sorting through piles of cd's and dvd's that I have laying around with absolutley no idea of what is on them, plus I've got to get the venue finalised for our School Reunion and start inviting everyone.
Anyway sorry pretty boring today! Hope everyone is having a much more exciting day!
Love Hilds

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